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  • Misunderstanding its mission

    To the Editor: In December I made a donation to JTA ($10, big deal, but nonetheless a vote of confidence in your mission). But JTA writing that we "shouldn’t jump to conclusions" about the murderers of the Fogel family has caused me to lose all confidence in JTA. If JTA feels that Jews have to… More ▸

  • Criticism of J Street speakers is unfair

    To the Editor: As a freelance journalist who also covered the J Street conference, I believe that JTA’s criticism of J Street for not having had more speakers from a right-wing perspective is unfair and misdirected. Consider the following: * Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren was invited to attend but chose to decline. Knesset member Orit… More ▸

  • Give J Street its voice

    To the Editor: I have read several accounts of the J Street convention and what I’m finding on the JTA is another attempt to delegitimize J Street. In a world where anything to the left of Ghengis Khan is "left wing," J Street is declared by the PR steamroller as anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist, which is… More ▸