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  • Watch: The Maccabeats’ new Hanukkah cover

    Move over Adam Levine — you’re not the only sexy Jewish musician in the news this week. Yep, Jewish a cappella sensations The Maccabeats are back with a new Hanukkah single! OK, so maybe it’s very wrong to call these sweetie pies sexy, but they are extremely cute, and they definitely know how to rock… More ▸

  • Watch: The Maccabeats ‘Cups’ video

    The Maccabeats have released their latest video and, as usual, it is the sweetest thing ever. This time the tribe’s own a cappella group takes on “D’ror Yikra,” singing it to the tune of “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. The rendition is performed around the Shabbat table, at which the kippah-clad boys appear to be playing… More ▸

  • Watch and Listen: New Maccabeats video

    Girls everywhere get ready to swoon! The Maccabeats have a new video out, and the guys from everyone’s favorite kippot and necktie-clad acappella group are looking as cute as ever. The song is “Brave,” written by Sara Bareilles and Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, and the boys perform it from the summit of Bear Mountain and… More ▸

  • Watch The Maccabeats’ Les Misérables Passover spectacular!

    It’s a Jewish holiday which means that The Maccabeats HAVE to make a new video.  This new one might just sweep the Acapella Oscars Grammys, if there is one. This gang of adventurous vocalists have put together a medley of the songs from Les Misérables (without changing much of lyrics) while performing Exodus highlights. Though… More ▸

  • Mayim Bialik and the Maccabeats bring some holiday cheer

    Although I will forever view her as my favorite 90s sitcom star, Mayim Bialik has become the Jewish force to reckon with. Not only is she a neuroscientist, a journalist, and a star of a hit television show, but she is also a very nice lady. Bialik recently teamed up with Jewish singing sensation The Maccabeats to raise money for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation. The Maccabeats are hoping to raise $80,000 by the end of Chanukah for the organization with Bialik’s help and support. For every $18+ donation, the donor will receive a gift. The gifts start small, with things like free mp3s, and build up to bigger things like an autographed photo of Mayim Bialik. All donors are entered in a lottery to win one of six grand prizes, which includes a guest spot in the new Maccabeats video, Big Bang memorabilia, a phone call from Mayim, or having lunch with the Maccabeats. More ▸

  • This week’s Weekly Sizzle!

    Each week, 6 Degrees No Bacon, the Jewish celebrity blog, brings you the Weekly Sizzle, the six most interesting Jewish celebrity stories featuring commentary from our devoted correspondents. This week’s stories: 1. Lea Michele talks about the problems of Sephardic last name 2. Jimmy Fallon’s night with the Windy City Jews 3. Steve Guttenberg gets a Hollywood Star 4. Ben… More ▸