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  • High Holy Dazed

    The Jewish Channel is producing a VH1-style series about the High Holidays. You know the drill – a bunch of media types whose names you sort of recognize talk smack about something. Yeah, I don’t watch them either. Anyway, there are a coupla clips on their site. I’ve watched them all (yes, my job rules)… More ▸

  • Defending Helen Thomas

    Yesterday we flagged Tom Shales’ review of the new HBO short on Helen Thomas, the dean of the White House press corps. Most notably, he knocked the film for dodging Thomas’ criticisms of Israel and America’s pro-Jerusalem policies. Well, today, Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor & Publisher, slams Shales and defends Thomas: In suggesting that… More ▸

  • What about Helen Thomas is too racy for HBO?

    HBO’s short bio on longtime UPI White House correspondent Helen Thomas – “Thank You, Mr. President” – premiers Monday night at 9 p.m. Tom Shales, the Washington Post’s TV critic, seems happy enough with the flick, except for its failure to tackle her harsh criticisms of Israel: What’s disappointing about Thomas, and troubling about the… More ▸

  • The latest ‘Dreyfus affair?’

    First the al-Dura affair, now a to-do about the firing of a French columnist for his purported anti-Semitic rantings. The French media has been filled with self-examination this summer, much of it related to Jewish affairs. In the al-Dura affair, the French press questioned its role after a court ruled in favor of a media… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    Several Jewish-related items appeared over the weekend in The New York Times: Former workers at Agriprocessors, the nation’s largest kosher meat plant, detailed alleged abuses at the Postville, Iowa plant. Sunday saw competing rallies between activists protesting working conditions at the plant and activists opposed to illegal immigration. Gaza is getting its first museum of… More ▸

  • Russert and the Jewish questions

    What to say about Tim Russert that hasn’t already been said? Not much. But two separate Jewish-cringe-inducing moments come to mind that help explain why so many people loved (and some hated) his aggressive interviewing style. Most recently there was the much-discussed Louis Farrakhan question during the February 26 debate between Barack Obama and Hillary… More ▸

  • Jews Fit to Print: The last Jews of Baghdad

    The New York Times has had several items of interest over the past few days: The last Jews of Baghdad have become the fearful few. P. W. Singer and Elina Noor argue that the U.S. is making a strategic mistake by describing terrorists as jihadists. Organizers of the Salute to Israel Parade wonder why Israelis… More ▸

  • JTA’s Daniel Sieradski: A pisher to watch

    Mazal Tov to JTA’s director of digital media, Daniel Sieradski, for being picked as one of the Jewish Week’s 36 Jewish innovators under the age of 36. (Who says the competition is always wrong?) Daniel Sieradski, 29 Founder of Jewschool and Jew It Yourself; Director of Digital Media for JTA When Dan Sieradski founded… More ▸