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Modern Orthodox

  • Modern Orthodoxy’s next step

    To the Editor: Rabbi Hain calls for strengthening the center of Modern Orthodoxy. He makes clear who is on the left — those calling for Orthodoxy to grant the title rabbi to women — but he leaves absent a clear definition of who is on the right or who is in the center. Modern Orthodoxy… More ▸

  • Op-Ed: The vital center and Modern Orthodoxy

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Another month, another round of recriminations in the Modern Orthodox community. Two months ago it was a breakaway rabbinic organization established, in part, to promote decentralized conversion standards. Last month it was a public forum on homosexuality in the Orthodox community. The latest controversy centers on the decision by two rabbis to… More ▸

  • Can Britain’s chief rabbi sell in America?

    In an era when chief rabbis are often viewed as either inglorious or irrelevant — or both, in the case of the scandal-plagued rabbinate in Israel — Britain’s Jonathan Sacks has managed to retain a far-ranging influence through his prolific writings and frequent appearances on television and radio. More ▸