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  • The Adventures of Moishe Batmann And Tzabar Szpeiderman (SONG)

    Batman and Superman are the hottest tickets in Hollywood right now, so a dude named Sauce Magnusson(?) wrote this song about the Jewish superheroes Moishe Batmann And Tzabar Szpeiderman – protectors of Tel Aviv.  It’s also available on iTunes. Listen to it below (lyrics in available here). Song highlights: My name is Moishe Batmann and I… More ▸

  • Matisyahu releases Israel-made music video

    Matisyahu has released the music video for the title track of his new album “Sunshine.” The video was filmed over a 3-day shoot in Israel. Conveniently, “Sunshine” also describes the color of the soul-searching musician’s new bleach-blonde hairdo. More ▸

  • Shia LaBeouf gets naked in a new video by Israeli director (NSFW)

    If any of you has ever wonder how Shia LaBeouf looks naked, thanks to Alma Har’el, Israeli filmmaker who won the Best Documentary at the TriBeCa Film Festival for her 2011 doc “Bombay Beach,” you can see LaBeouf like you’ve never seen before. LaBeouf gets naked for the music video of the Icelandic indie band Sigur… More ▸

  • The Drake-Chris Brown feud, explained by adorable owls

    The ultimate music wars of the 2010s has finally arrived!
    The two main contenders are Drake, the Jewish-Canadian recently-re-bar-mitzvah’d rapper, and Chris Brown, America’s bad boy.
    Last week, the two got into a pretty nasty brawl at a New York nightclub, and although the story is far from over, we decided to explain all that has allegedly happened so far using owls.
    (We understand that some of the allegations should not be joked about, but this fight is so ridiculous it deserves an appropriate treatment.)
    It’s gonna be a hoot.
    In 2008, Chris Brown and Rihanna began dating

    Rihanna, a singer from Barbados made famous for her hit songs “SOS,” “Umbrella,” “Don’t Stop The Music” and “Only Girl (In The World)“. Chris Brown is known for hit songs like “Kiss Kiss” and “Look at me now.” The two met at Rihanna’s 20th party in 2008 (Brown was not even 19!) and hit it off. More ▸

  • Madonna used Nazi imagery in her Tel Aviv concert

    Remember how we told you about Madonna’s spectacular show? Well, we forgot to add that according to Oh No They Didn’t, “Madonna is seen looking like Adolf Hitler and sporting a swastika on her forehead.In addition to that, flags including the Iron Cross are seen waving around. The Iron Cross was a well known military decoration ofThe Third… More ▸

  • All about Madonna’s show in Israel last night

    So after one week in Israel, it is time to leave, and she did, with a bang. For one night, Israel was the capital of pop music, with Madonna’s debut of her “MDNA” tour.
    Everyone is talking about last night’s concert in Ramat Gan Stadium near Tel Aviv. Dynamic stage, people flying in the air, gigantic video screens, different costumes and crazy rhythm were a part of a show that Israelis don’t see that often.
    Madonna began her show with “Girl Gone Wild” and moved to “Revolver” and “Gang Bang.” As the show progressed, critics argued that the 53-year-old idol was just focusing on put on her very own rendition of “Cirque du Soleil,” instead of, umm, singing. More ▸

  • Surfs up, Matisyahu!

      A new YouTube video from late last week shows the Jewish rapper’s latest look – t-shirt, shades and blonde hair. Matisyahu, who has been changing looks in a Lady Gaga-esque rate lately, stood next to songwriter and artist Allan Grigg, also known as “Kool Kojak” to promote Matisyahu’s new single “Sunshine” from his latest… More ▸