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Nick Kroll

  • Watch: Nick Kroll’s contribution to the Thanksgivukkah video trove

    Think Thanksgivukkah would be the perfect premise for a contrived sitcom? Well, just imagine the romantic comedy potential! Nick Kroll did, and although we are currently undergoing a Thanksgivukkah overload so intense  we don’t want to hear about the thing for another 80,000 years, we felt sort of morally obligated to share this Funny or… More ▸

  • More Jewish highlights from James Franco’s roast

    After the “best joke” lists were leaked by a few of those who attended the taping of Comedy Central’s James Franco roast last Sunday night, we have to admit, we almost didn’t want to watch the thing. Then we remembered “Princesses: Long Island” is off the air, leaving Sunday night wide open. So we tuned… More ▸

  • Best (Jewish) jokes from the James Franco roast

    Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco doesn’t air until September 2nd, but already a slew of critics and bloggers are hard at work ruining it for enlightening the rest of us who weren’t lucky enough to attend the event Sunday night. While we really did want to wait to actually hear funny people like Andy Samberg,… More ▸