More Jewish highlights from James Franco’s roast


After the “best joke” lists were leaked by a few of those who attended the taping of Comedy Central’s James Franco roast last Sunday night, we have to admit, we almost didn’t want to watch the thing.

Then we remembered “Princesses: Long Island” is off the air, leaving Sunday night wide open. So we tuned in, and thank goodness.

Needless to say Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, and the rest of the comics on the panel were far wittier than the ladies of Long Island. And of course there were loads of jokes we hadn’t yet heard. While the majority of them were Oscars and gay-themed, there were many more Jewish gems as well.

Here, an addendum to our last list:

Seth Rogen, introducing the guests of the evening: “I’ll start with the Jewiest and work my way down. Sarah Silverman is here…”

Then, Rogen introducing Nick Kroll: “Nick Kroll is the scary Jewish face Mel Gibson runs from in his dreams every night.”

Nick Kroll: “Many of you might not know this, but Seth Rogen has a writing and directing partner named Evan Goldberg. What does this other guy look like that you’re the face of the operation? I assume he’s like a sweaty Orthodox Jew eating a pastrami sandwich.”

More from Nick Kroll: “We have a lot of Jews on stage here tonight. People say that Hews control the media. And we do. You know why? Because we’re really good at it.  I never heard anyone say, ‘Why are all those black guys in the NBA?’ Because they’re better at dunking. Just like Jews are better at whatever joke my Jew writers come up with.”

Sarah Silverman: “I saw the movie ‘The Guilt Trip.’ Seth Rogen, what was it like working with Barbra Streisand? And how did you two tell each other apart?”

And then: “Seth’s parents actually met at a kibbutz. If you don’t know what a kibbutz is, it’s a community in Israel where apparently they don’t allow abortions.”

And then on Jonah Hill: “Jonah is such a Jewey dick you have to watch his movies through a hole in a sheet.”

Oh and then on Bill Hader: “I hate making fun of Bill, he’s so sweet… and I used to date his brother, Jew Hader.”

Bill Hader did his bit in character as the “President of Hollywood,” i.e., an old Jew in a track suit. He addressed each comic on the dais, including “Bill Hader,” whose character-based bits he mocked.

“What’s next,” he said to himself, “an old Jew in a track suit?”

Natasha Leggero after being introduced by Seth Rogen: “Thanks Honey Jew Jew.” Then, addressing the rest of the panel: “ I feel like a hot counselor at Hebrew camp.”

Andy Samberg roasted God, which you sort of have to see for yourself.

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