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  • Orthodox thinking on women needs to change

    To the Editor: It is nothing if not a sign of Agudath Israel’s and the RCA’s fear of losing their political power over establishment Orthodoxy that has them so flummoxed by the existence of a woman, Rabbah Sara Hurwitz, that it would be hilarious if it were not so awfully sad. The time for thinking… More ▸

  • Not ‘Orthodox’

    To the Editor: I strongly protest the use of the word "Orthodox" in the headline and article. Neither Weiss or his school or this lady represents anything close to the Torah way of life that has been taught to us through the generations. They are comparable to other deviant sects that attracted followers because of… More ▸

  • Op-Ed: The vital center and Modern Orthodoxy

    NEW YORK (JTA) — Another month, another round of recriminations in the Modern Orthodox community. Two months ago it was a breakaway rabbinic organization established, in part, to promote decentralized conversion standards. Last month it was a public forum on homosexuality in the Orthodox community. The latest controversy centers on the decision by two rabbis to… More ▸

  • Shabby treatment for Women of the Wall

    To the Editor: I am writing as a friend of Israel, but rather disappointed. Recent events in Israel, most notably those dealing with women at the Kotel, have dramatically highlighted the fact that in many ways, non-Orthodox streams of Jewish life have less freedom and are treated rather poorly in Israel, having fewer religious freedoms… More ▸

  • Maharat becomes Rabbah

    Avi Weiss’ office just issued a statement saying that Sara Hurwitz, who was ordained with the unusual acronym Maharat last year (shorthand for leader in legal, spiritual and Torah matters), would henceforth be known as "rabbah." Here’s the statement in full.  It is almost a year since Sara Hurwitz was given the title Mahara”t at… More ▸