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  • Who knows One? Australians perform Passover seder song

    Who knows One? Aussies! Someone down under conducted lots of sing-along interviews to create this composite of Passover seder song Echad Mi Yodea, Who Knows One. The lion logos on the school uniforms indicate that this was an effort by the students and faculty of Mount Scopus College, a Jewish Day School in Melbourne, Australia. More ▸

  • Koshertopia’s guide to eating out during Passover

        Koshertopia, a two-year-old Website resource for kosher eateries, scoured Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Teaneck, N.J. to put together this year’s list of Passover-friendly restaurants in the New York metropolitan area.   As Jews we know too well the central role food plays in our lives. Yet each time Pesach comes around, we are… More ▸

  • Follow me, boys!

    Miriam isn’t mentioned by name in the Passover haggadah. But women have found ways to highlight her story at the Seder table, from including a “Miriam’s cup” to this video by Leah Berkenwald posted on “Jewesses with Attitude,” the Jewish Women’s Archive blog. More ▸

  • What’s on Your Plate?

    The traditional Seder plate contains an egg, shank bone,  karpas, charoset and maror. Some also make room for the hazeret, another kind of bitter green.  But recently other fruits and vegetables have showed up on the plate, representing a variety of causes from solidarity with oppressed Jewish communities to welcoming the intermarried. First was the… More ▸

  • The Roadrunner’s Seder has posted what it describes as a 30-minute Passover Haggadah, of the mix-and-match variety. Blogger David Wilensky, writing on The Reform Shuckle, gives it a thumbs-up: For a 30-minute seder, it looks pretty great. It takes as a given the 14-part order to the seder and then prunes the whole thing back to the… More ▸

  • How long ’till Had Gadya?

    How do you keep the kids from dropping off to sleep during the Passover Seder? Bring them into it ahead of time, suggests Devorah Katz in the spring 2011 issue of Jewish Action, the magazine of the Orthodox Union. Plagues? We got yer Plagues right here — plastic animals scattered on the table will keep little hands… More ▸

  • Ranking macaroons

    From the Westport News: Objective: Review and identify the best-tasting coconut macaroon in the Fairfield/Westport area. Reasons: The coconut macaroon is one of the most popular, traditional foods at Passover. What qualities do people look for in a good macaroon? Design: The subjects, two men, two women and two children, tasted four different macaroons from bakeries in… More ▸