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  • At Passover, let my people go south

    Large numbers of American Jews will be making their annual pilgrimage from cool northern climes to southern tropics, and from major metropolitan centers to the country, in advance of one of the most celebrated Jewish observances of the year. More ▸

  • Birthday boy Bob Dylan among the Jewish folk

    Today is folk legend Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan is no stranger to Jewish celebration. In 1975, he crashed a Passover seder with Marlon Brando. And in 2004, Dylan was spotted at Yom Kippur services in his home state of Minnesota. Fun aside: Earlier this month, NPR’s Robert Siegel shared that Bob… More ▸

  • That Aching Matzah Belly

    The Passover haggadah hopes that next year we will all be free, but what about now? Does consuming all that matzah have you feeling a little less "free" than usual?   To keep you on the march to freedom, no less a food authority  than Bon Appetit magazine has published a timely "5 Ways to Cure Matzo Belly."… More ▸

  • What, You Took Us Seriously?

      A haredi community in Jerusalem earned a harsh life lesson this Passover when they “sold” their hametz to a non-Jewish man, believing he would “return” the goods to them when the eight-day holiday was over.   That was before they stashed their expensive liquor in the same storage room, as detailed in this Jerusalem… More ▸

  • Whatsamatta with Quinoa?

    Besides the difficulty people have with pronouncing it (try KEEN-wah, or Ki-NOH-ah), this nutritious, gluten-free pseudo-grain has become a bone of rabbinic contention.   Is it, or isn’t it, kosher for Pesach?   According to an article in today’s New York Times, the Chicago Rabbinical Council gives the green light to certain brands of quinoa… More ▸