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  • Foundation assumes ownership of Phoenix Jewish newspaper

    The Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix has taken over ownership of the metropolitan area’s Jewish News. Under an agreement signed Friday, the newspaper, which has been an independently owned for-profit for most of its existence since its founding in 1948, will become a nonprofit.

  • The Desert Wolf

    I arrived for my desert tour 15 minutes late, dusted myself off, and strode into a roadside restaurant an hour north of Phoenix that was straight out of the movies. Dudes in ten gallon hats and cowboy boots having coffee in a bar that reeked of cigarettes and abuse. Six hours later I was back…. More ▸

  • Wandering through the Cronkite School

    I’ve never been to journalism school. Most journos I know haven’t either. We studied English, or political science, and only later discovered we might be able to save the world through the written word. Clearly, the world still needs saving. And I’ve got my doubts that, when and if the savior comes, she’s going to… More ▸

  • Implosion in Phoenix?

    Adam Schwartz’s office is on the second floor of the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale, itself part of a 30-acre, 110,000 square foot campus that is home to two Jewish schools, a kosher cafe, and the typical assortment of community agencies. Less than ten years old, the campus has the same… More ▸