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  • Walt & Mearshimer take on “The Lobby” in Israel

    Stephen Walt, at the podium, with “Israel Lobby” co-author John Mearshimer and Israel activist Uri Avnery at a speaking engagement in Tel Aviv on June 12, 2008. Photo by Dina Kraft. In the following podcast, JTA’s Israel correspondent Dina Kraft speaks with Harvard Professor Stephen Walt, co-author of the controversial book “The Israel Lobby” who,… More ▸

  • Artist envisions new state for Jewish discontents

    In this podcast, JTA German correspondent Toby Axelrod interviews Ronen Eidelman, an Israeli artist studying abroad in Weimar, Germany, whose senior thesis project – seeking the establishment of a Jewish state in Germany – which launches this coming Sunday, is already ruffling some feathers in Germany and abroad. You can read Ms. Axelrod’s full story… More ▸

  • Thomas Friedman in Israel

    JTA correspondent Dina Kraft caught up with New York Times columnist and author Tom Friedman in Tel Aviv last week, where he was speaking at a conference sponsored by the Reut Institute, an Israeli think tank. [audio:/images/archive/061108_friedman_kraft.mp3] Audio sound funny? Upgrade your Flash player. To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here. More ▸

  • Aaron and Me

    After my frustrating experience with Sholom Rubashkin in Postville, I thought it unlikely that I’d have much more luck with his father Aaron. The elder Rubashkin still runs the original family butcher shop on 14th Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood Borough Park. Rubashkin opened the shop in 1953, the same year he emigrated from Russia,… More ▸

  • HaAm Im HaGolan

    In the following podcast, JTA staff writer Dina Kraft speaks with Ramona Bar-Lev, director of outreach for the Golan Resident’s Commitee, who moved to the Golan Heights as a teenager in 1969 and has never looked back. Responding to the announcement this month that Syria and Israel were engaged in indirect talks, Bar-Lev is once… More ▸

  • The Time 100’s Eco-Israeli

    In the following podcast, JTA staff writer Dina Kraft speaks with Isaac Berzin, the Israeli founder of an algae fuel company called GreenFuel, which, for its work in advancing alternative energy resources, earned Berzin the honor of being listed among Time magazine’s top 100 people of 2008. Though his company is based in Boston, Berzin… More ▸

  • Scalia addresses Agudah

    More photos via Yeshiva World News In a keynote address to members of Agudath Israel of America, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia argued that the Constitution allows for more religion in the public square. He was introduced by Orthodox litigator and Harvard Law classmate Nat Lewin, speaking by video from Morocco. The full audio… More ▸

  • Exclusive: Y-Love and Kosha Dillz, “Just Knowledge”

    Courtesy of Modular Moods Records, The Telegraph is pleased to present the new collaboration between Jewish hip-hop artists Y-Love and Kosha Dillz. Y-Love, who is currently touring internationally, jumping from Jewish conferences to secular hip-hop events, released his debut album This is Babylon earlier this year to rave reviews from mainstream hip-hop publications like XXL,… More ▸

  • Prospects for Israeli-Syrian peace?

    After Israel and Syria announced this week they were renewing peace talks, the question on the minds of many was: Why now? Iran and Hezbollah’s rising power, new Israeli willingness to cede the Golan, the fading influence of the Bush White House and Ehud Olmert’s domestic troubles all are being cited as possible factors. JTA… More ▸