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  • Soviet ‘purim Spiels’ in Israel

    Israelis are benefiting from glasnost, the new policy of openness and free expression in the Soviet Union. As a direct result, two world-famous Soviet troupes will be performing here during the Purim festival Sunday and Monday. The Bolshoi is staging ballet-on-ice at the new Ramat Gan ice rink. The Leningrad Circus will appear at the… More ▸

  • Esther, Rambo and Even Snow Mark Purim Holiday in Tel Aviv

    The streets of Israeli cities were merry today with youthful Queen Esthers, Mordechais, cowboys and Indians, Rambos, and even miniature versions of Alexis and Crystal from television’s Dynasty series. Youngsters paraded in brilliant sunshine and temperatures in the 70s on the first day of spring, which this year coincides with Purim, the traditional day for… More ▸

  • French Synagogue Gutted by Fire During Purim Evening Services

    A brand new synagogue crowded with Purim worshipers was gutted by a violent fire in the town of Yerres, about 40 miles southwest of Paris. There were no casualties. Police have not yet been able to determine whether the fire was accidental or criminal. The fire broke out on Monday evening during the Purim service,… More ▸

  • Parade, Radio Spoofs and Rain Mark Purim Holiday in Israel

    Much of Tel Aviv was closed to traffic Thursday for the annual Adloyada, the Purim parade. Thousands of marchers, scores of floats and giant helium-filled balloons imported from the Far East wound along Ben Yehuda Street and Allenby Road. A day-long drizzle that made the pavements slick did not dampen the carnival atmosphere. The news… More ▸

  • More Than 200,000 People Mark Annual Purim Carnival in Tel Aviv

    More than 200,000 spectators jammed the sidewalks of Ben Yehuda Street here Sunday morning for the annual “Adloyada” Purim carnival parade, a procession of floats and over 1,000 costumed school children, led by Mayor Shlomo Lehat of Tel Aviv. He rode a bicycle and waved an over-sized parking ticket, an “inside joke” understood by residents… More ▸

  • Purim Means Radio Hoaxes, Traffic Jams in Israel

    Purim was marked today by an “April Fool”-like prank by the Army Radio station and mammoth traffic jams in Tel Aviv where a carnival and some 5,000 runners from Israel and 15 other countries pre-empted the streets for a local version of the Boston and New York marathons. The Army Radio — Galei Tzahal —… More ▸

  • UN Has First Purim Party

    The International Council of B’nai B’rith Monday night hosted the first United Nations Purim party ever held at UN headquarters. Speaking for International Council chairman Philip Lax, who was unable to attend, Dr. Harris Schoenberg, director of United Nations Affairs, said he hopes it will be the first annual UN Purim party and that there… More ▸

  • Purim in Israel

    Purim got off to a cheerful start today with Galei Zahal, the army radio network, announcing a “major new Israeli breakthrough: cloud-seeding that will extend the winter until July.” The item, carefully prepared, was broadcast on the network’s morning newsreel and must have had at least some listeners agog with amazement. Labor Alignment MK Yossi… More ▸

  • Purim in Israel

    Purim was observed in Israel with less of the usual color and vivacity in the streets which annually marks this holiday. One of the more popular costumes was of “E.T.” and at times the streets appeared to have been invaded by extraterrestrials. But there was still a good number of Queen Esthers and cowboys making… More ▸

  • Hasidim Distribute 500,000 Purim Kits

    Responding to a call for acceleration from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, Shlita, the Lubavitch Youth Organization, distributed over half a million Purim kits on a national level. Rabbi Shmuel Butman, director of the youth organization, reported that these kits were distributed in elementary schools, high schools, youth groups, colleges, army bases, hospitals… More ▸