Top 10 reasons why we love Purim, as seen through photos


Purim, the festival of drinking, giggles, dress up, and those triangle cookies, is a time to feature some hidden creativity for costumes.

Some see this as a time to unleash their inner skank, others, their more controversially political side.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we love Purim, according to some holiday photos…

 10. Because on this day, rabbis have green hair!

(and it suits him rather well.)

(Courtesy of BBC)


9. Because animals can be counted for a minyan

.(But not women, of course… just kidding! But seriously…)

(Courtesy of AVAX)

8. And they share in the eating festivities too! 

(Its a leafy hamantaschen! Have you ever?)


(Courtesy of Flash 90)


7. Because on this day, kids can have a cigarette.

(they start the habit very young over in Israel)

(Courtesy of Whitaker)


6. Since their rabbis have 10…

(for Haman’s 10 sons)


(Courtesy of Flash 90)


6. Because guns look good with any costume.

(This Israeli soldier is following the law in the most fashionable way.)

(Courtesy of


5. Because kids in Hebron dress up as their enemy.

(Courtesy of 972mag)


4. Because we can drink ourselves silly.

(“Whoa, whoa, wait, so which one is the bad guy again?”)

(Courtesy of NightHumor)


3. And it’s okay to collapse in the streets, because so is everyone else.

(“You only had three bottles of red? Woos. I’m on number six, and doing just fine here!”)

(Courtesy of BeforeItsNews)

2. Because on this day, superheroes get to pray where they want without any strange looks.

(“Please God, kill Batman in the next ‘Dark Knight’ movie so I can have my spotlight back.”)

(Courtesy of LifeinIsrael)


1. And lastly, because we can bridge culture gaps and get away with it.

(These kids probably don’t even know where this suit originates; they are probably serving reindeer for seudah meal.)

(Courtesy of TruthPraiseandHelp)


Happy Purim from all your friends at JTA!!!

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