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  • Destruction of Latvian Jewry Reported by Soviet Investigating Commission

    The destruction of Latvian Jewry by the Germans is disclosed in a report of the State Commission Investigating German Atrocities released here today. The report points out that the Nazis began murdering the Jews almost from the first moment they occupied the country. More than 2,000 were burned to death, in October, 1941, in the… More ▸

  • German Doctors Used Riga Jews As Guinea Pigs in Experiments with Insects

    A description of a “medical and zoological institute” established by the Germans in Riga, in which Jews from the ghetto were used in experiments to determine the best methods of combatting mortal diseases spread by lice, was given here today by five of the “guinea pigs.” The five, Simon Peyros, a chemist, and his 16-year-old… More ▸

  • Latvian Jewish Woman Who Fled to Sweden Reveals Massacre of Riga Jews

    A Latvian Jewish woman, who arrived in Sweden recently after hiding from the Gestapo for a year-and-a-half, gave an eye-witness account today of the massacre of Latvian Jews by the Germans and also submitted a list of the 24 persons responsible for the atrocities. The woman, Selma Anderson, whose family name before her marriage was… More ▸

  • Simeon Dubnov, Aged Jewish Historian, Executed by Nazis in Riga Ghetto

    Prof. Simeon Dubnov, famous Jewish historian, has been executed by the Nazis in the ghetto of Riga, Latvia, it was learned here today by the Federation of Jewish relief organizations. The execution took place on December 1, 1941, the information received by the Federation reveals. The Jewish historian was 83 years old when he was… More ▸

  • Nazis Decide to Make Latvia “judenrein”, Deport All Jews from Riga Ghetto

    Jewish relief organizations here today received information that all Jews living in the ghetto in Riga, Latvia, are being deported to Nazi-held Russian territory and that the Nazi administration has decided to make Latvia “judenrein” within the next few weeks. Jews from Holland, Belgium and Germany who were deported to the Riga ghetto are among… More ▸

  • Tragic Report on Jews in Nazi-held Latvia Reaches Jewish Leaders in London

    Plans for organizing relief for Jews in the Nazi-held Baltic countries were discussed here today by the Federation of Jewish Relief Organizations following the receipt of the first authentic report of the Nazi massacres there and of the misery prevailing among those Jews who remained alive. The report discloses that 25,000 Jews were killed by… More ▸