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roseanne barr

  • Roseanne’s extreme troll-feeding anti-Chick-fil-A Twitter rant

    The fried chicken giant Chick-fil-A has been under fire in the last few days. The food chain’s president, Dan Cathy, admitted that the company is supportive of “the biblical definition of the family unit,” and there for is anti-gay marriage. While the report didn’t necessarily come as a surprise to some, since it is a known fact that Chick-fil-A is a Christian company, and isn’t even open on Sundays, it was still very unusual to hear it from the head of a company, in a move that could (and probably will) affect his business.
    In the days following the interview, Chick-fil-A lost business in Boston, Chicago, lost its relationship with the “Jim Hanson Foundation” and were even subject to ridicule over an allegedly major PR stunt that failed on Facebook.
    Earlier today, actress Roseanne Barr, who is known for having a very active and uncensored Twitter account joined the anti-Chick-fil-A bandwagon, with a series of very explicit tweets, starting with this one: More ▸

  • Rosanne Barr is getting nutty

    I know, I know. Most people assumed medical insanity already happened in the nineties, when she did things like star in weirdo crappy movies (“She Devil”, anyone?) and marry Tom Arnold. However, this fine wine has only gotten more robust with age. In the last two days, Roseanne has really shown what a classy broad… More ▸

  • NBC picks up Roseanne’s new sitcom

    Just a few weeks after her reality show Roseanne’s Nuts failed miserably, Roseanne is back with a new television show, Downwardly Mobile. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show is a multi-camera ensemble set in a “mobile home community.” Barr will work with Eric Gilliland, who served as a writer on Roseanne. Gilliland also worked on The Wonder… More ▸

  • Roseanne: Israel hit the BS tipping point

    In between plugging her upcoming meditation retreat, Roseanne Barr told JTA that she was a fan of the recent protests and tent cities in Israel: “There’s always a tipping point of bullshit,” she said, “and they’ve reached it.”   Just as long as they don’t grab their privates during Hatikvah. More ▸