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Saudi Arabia

  • On Abdullah’s mind

    How does Roger Cohen know what Saudi King Abdullah is thinking, or what he’s telling the Obama administration in private? According to Cohen’s reading of the situation, in a May 17 online column in The New York Times, The Saudis have been incensed by how U.S. policy has favored “the Persians” — as they refer… More ▸

  • Peres Praises Saudi Peace Plan

    The Saudi-led peace initiative is a “serious opening for real progress,” Shimon Peres told a United Nations gathering. “We cannot change the past. However, we can shape our future,” Israel’s president said of the conflict between Israel and ts Arab neighbors during an address Wednesday to the U.N. interfaith dialogue summit. “This seems more feasible… More ▸

  • Jewish Leaders Meet Saudi, Bahraini Monarchs

    U.S. Jewish organizational leaders are meeting with the Saudi and Bahraini kings. The meetings are taking place in New York this week during an interfaith dialogue held under the auspices of the United Nations and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, who has pressed in recent years for greater interreligious understanding despite resistance from his kingdom’s Islamist… More ▸

  • Rabbi: What I Saw at Saudi-led Interfaith Conference in Spain

    When King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced his intention some three months ago to reach out to the leaders of the main religions of the world to convene an interfaith dialogue and to work together to address major global challenges, understandably there was no shortage of skepticism. Saudi Arabia is the heartland of Islam and… More ▸

  • Efforts to Block Saudi Arms Deal Likely to Be Unsuccessful

    An effort led by Jewish Democrats in Congress to block the Bush administration’s planned sale of arms to Saudi Arabia is bound to fail because it is opposed by one of the top-ranked Jews in Congress. Reps. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) and Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) asked colleagues to sign on to a letter to Rep. Tom… More ▸

  • Will Annapolis Spur Progress on Syrian, Saudi Peace Tracks?

    While the Annapolis conference was meant to focus on Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, the attendance of Syria and Saudi Arabia has raised questions about the prospects for peace between Israel and the wider Arab world. Syria came up because, contrary to expectations, Damascus sent a delegate to Annapolis to talk about trading peace for the Golan Heights…. More ▸