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  • Homey recipes for Sukkot

    Sukkot, which entails setting up a temporary house, is probably the most homey Jewish holiday of all. A new cookbook offers warming recipes for the chag. More ▸

  • High Holiday Feature Environmentalists Celebrate Sukkot with Water Festivities and Jack-o’-lanterns

    During Sukkot, families of Kesher Israel, a modern Orthodox congregation in Washington, will gather for a special celebration. In the synagogue’s sukkah, they will be treated to a tantalizing array of chocolate cakes and candies, accompanied by delicious cups of tap water. “Which are you enjoying more, the sweets or the water?” congregant Evonne Marzouk… More ▸

  • Sukkot Recipes a Boyfriend’s Tzimmes Spurs a Lifetime Love of Jewish Food

    In the town where I grew up, there were three churches and no synagogues. Naturally, Jews were few and far between. We moved there in the 1950s because my mother liked the landscape. Abandoning our Ashkenazi background, she befriended our neighbors, pursuing standard American fare, such as candied carrots and mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows…. More ▸

  • As Sukkot Nears, Jewish World Shaken by Looming Lulav Shortage

    American legislators, Israeli officials and Jewish groups are working diplomatic channels in an effort to stave off a looming lulav shortage ahead of Sukkot. Their efforts follow a surprise move by Egypt, which — after years as the world’s primary supplier of the palm fronds that form the spine of the ritual lulav — said… More ▸

  • Recipes for Sukkot

    From sukkah tours and star gazing to picking apples, autumn brings with it the harvest festival of Sukkot, and all the delicious and aromatic recipes that come with it. More ▸

  • Holiday Feature Thanksgiving May Have Roots in a Jewish Holiday — Sukkot

    Did you know that Thanksgiving is really a Jewish holiday? Although Thanksgiving is not on the Jewish calendar, historians believe that Sukkot may have inspired America’s favorite farewell to fall, often nicknamed “Turkey Day.” Today Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but President Franklin Roosevelt didn’t propose this timing until 1939. It… More ▸

  • Sukkot celebrations in Brooklyn

    The Simchat Beit Hoshoeva festivities during Sukkot originally marked a ceremony that involved anointing with water in the Temple in Jerusalem. Now, the streets of Brooklyn’s Chasidic neighborhoods throng with Jews singing, dancing, eating and studying as More ▸

  • Filled treats: the ‘stuff’ of Sukkot

    During the weeklong celebration of Sukkot, holiday recipes call for seasonal produce, particularly stuffed vegetables and baked goods. Food columnist Linda Morel offers plenty of options from familiar favorites such as stuffed cabbage to the unexpected, s More ▸