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super tuesday

  • Super Tuesday: The Jewish Vote

    JTA’s Ben Harris has a story breaking down the Jewish vote on Super Tuesday: Hillary Rodham Clinton scored a major victory with Jewish Democrats in New York and New Jersey in Super Tuesday voting, Barack Obama won a majority of Jewish support in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and the battle was close in California. For those… More ▸

  • WPOST: More attack e-mails on eve of Super Tuesday

    The Washington Post reports on “last-minute chain e-mails” attacking various candidates on the eve of Super Tuesday: One alerted recipients to Democratic Sen. Barack Obama’s “alarming” views about Israel, another challenged Republican Sen. John McCain’s account of his Vietnam War service. Another alleged that Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton opposed the Civil Rights Act as… More ▸

  • Hillary wins Jewish vote in California (UPDATE: Not)

    The exit polls are giving Hillary Clinton the win among Jewish Democrats in California, with 48 percent to Barack Obama’s 44 percent. Jews made up 5 percent of the Democratic electorate. [UPDATE: The figures were adjusted… Obama won with 49 percent, with Clinton at 47 percent and Edwards at 4 percent.] More ▸

  • Obama wins Jewish vote in Conn.

    The exit polls say that Barack Obama took 61 percent of Jewish Dems in Connecticut, compared to 38 percent for Hillary Clinton. Jews made up 10 percent of the Democratic electorate there. More ▸

  • Obama wins Jewish vote in Mass.

    Exit polls say Massachusetts is the first sate with a significant Jewish population to see its Jews voters go for Barack Obama. He won 52 percent of Jewish Democrats, with Hillary Clinton taking 48 percent. Jews made up about 6 percent of the Democratic electorate in Massachusetts. More ▸

  • Hillary wins Jews in N.J.

    UPDATE: This post has been changed to reflect new numbers up at MSNBC. Hillary Clinton won the Jewish vote in New Jersey, but the exit polls say her margin was much slightly smaller than her win in New York. In N.J., Clinton won 56 63 percent of Jewish Democrats compared to 44 37 percent for… More ▸

  • Exit Poll: Big Jewish win for Hillary in N.Y.

    UPDATE: This post has been changed to reflect new numbers up at MSNBC. MSNBC now has exit polling up about the Jewish vote in New York. According to the polling, conducted by Edison/Mitofsky, Hillary Clinton took 69 65 percent of Jewish Democrats, compared to 29 33 percent for Barack Obama. That’s a wider gap than… More ▸