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  • Howard Stern drunk dials adoring Twitter fans

    Tis the season … to give drunken, online gratitude, that is. On Saturday night, Howard Stern and his wife, Beth, spent a couple of hours calling up Twitter fans and shootin’ the breeze with them. Stern tweeted on New Year’s Eve, “Beth and I are drunk dialing. What’s your phone number?” to which a plethora… More ▸

  • The best of the #HermanCainAsDrake hashtag

    It’s been almost a week since Herman Cain announced that he is suspending his campaign and the world is, well, still making fun of him. It’s not like the GOP race isn’t entertaining enough as it is, but there was something special about Cain, the underdog turned front runner accused of sexual misconduct. And so,… More ▸

  • Paula Abdul, Amanda Bynes support bullied gay teen’s video

    Over the weekend, Jonah Mowry, a teenager who was bullied in school and created a very emotional video titled “what’s going on,” became a social networking sensation. Many celebrities showed their support over Twitter. In the video, Mowry uses cue cards to tell how he was bullied from a young age, and how he has… More ▸

  • Jason Segel finally joins Twitter, already has over 230,000 followers

    I It seems like the Twitterverse has been suffering from a big void after Ashton Kutcher decided to be everyone’s enemy and tweet a pro-JoePa blab. Well worry no more, tweeterers, because Jason Segel is coming to the rescue! The “How I Met Your Mother” and upcoming “Muppet Movie” star finally decided to join Twitter… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill tweets a fat joke

    Ah, Jonah. It’s only been a few hours since Yom Kippur and you already have something to atone for next year. Hill tweeted yesterday: I bet Stone Cold Steve Austin has a weird relationship with his chubby twin brother Cold Stone Steve Austin. (21 days til ALLEN GREGORY!) Allen Gregory is Hill’s new animated sitcom… More ▸

  • What’s the deal with Twitter? Ask Seinfeld.

    It took a long time but Jerry Seinfeld is finally on Twitter! Seinfeld, who spoke against getting a twitter only 2 months ago in a New York Times interview, launched his handle, @Setintime last Friday. His first tweet read, “Greetings Tweetarians! I have just landed on your Planet. This could be my last Tweet.” It… More ▸

  • JTA Twitter 100: Return of the Jewish Twitter List

    *UPDATE: Join us for a live chat this Thursday, January 6 at 12:30PM ET, featuring Twitalyzer’s Jeff Katz to discuss the #JTA100. Details here. As Twitter evolves, so do its Jewish users. When JTA released our first ranking in 2009, that list became the fifth-most read article on our website that year. Since then, Twitter… More ▸

  • Jewish Funders Network president to step down

    The president of the Jewish Funders Network, Mark Charendoff, will step down at the end of the calendar year, according to a letter the organization’s chairman sent out to JFN members just before Rosh Hashanah. Charendoff has led the JFN, an organization for those who give $25,000 or more per year to Jewish charities, for… More ▸