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  • Jewish celebrities react to Hurricane Sandy

    As one of the worst storms in U.S. history took its toll on the Northeast, celebrities who live in New York City (and elsewhere) took to Twitter with their thoughts and updates.
    Thanks for all the concerned tweets… Thank goodness we are all okay… Thinking of those who aren’t #sandy
    — Debra Messing (@DebraMessing)
    October 30, 2012
    I know it’s tough now, New York, but picture yourself next summer, lying on a warm, calm beach, with nothing to remind you of Sandy
    — B.J. Novak (@bjnovak) October 30, 2012
    Sending love to all in Long Beach L.I. My home town. bc
    — Billy Crystal (@BillyCrystal) October 30, 2012 More ▸

  • ‘Jew Girl’ is the new ‘New Girl’ (VIDEO)

    Comedy website “Funny or Die” came out with this Jewish parody for FOX’s hit show “New Girl” starring Zooey Deschanel. The name, is of course, “Jew Girl” and it may be the Jewiest thing you’ll see all week, and it’s only Monday, people! Enjoy. The Jew Girl from Brandon Johnson         More ▸

  • Watch NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport “catch” a ball to the face

    A sideline reporter’s job can be extremely fun, but also extremely dangerous, especially in football. NFL Network’s Jewish reporter Ian Rapoport was on camera for the Sunday night football match between the Green Bay Packers and the Houston Texans, when a football accidentally hit him, causing to make a ridiculous face. Since Rapoport is okay,… More ▸

  • Bar Refaeli wants to make a sex tape and you can help her (VIDEO)

    Not really, it’s a joke, but a funny one. Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli and the comedy website “Funny or Die” came out with a fake campaign video for the social fundraising website Kickstarter, (a crowd-funding site where people pitch ideas for random projects and get funding in exchange for different benefits), where she is urging… More ▸

  • Bibi draws a bomb at the UNGA, the internet explodes

    Say what you want about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but the man is a self-made Internet sensation.
    Whether it’s comments about ducks, holiday greetings with cats and parrots, dark Time Magazine covers or epic photobombing, Bibi can generate serious Internet buzz. Today the world was looking to see what Netanyahu would present at his speech at the annual United Nations General Assembly, and boy, he did not disappoint.
    When talking about Iran and the famous “red line,” or point of no return, Bibi took a sketch of an ACME bomb and actually drew a red line. That was enough to make the Israeli meme nation very happy and very busy.
    Here are the results, starting with some Looney Tunes and Wile E. Coyote references: More ▸

  • So yeah, there’s a Yom Kippur cover song now too

    The “take a popular song and change its lyrics to be more Jewish” YouTUbe trend used to be valid for Rosh Hashanah/Passover/Sukkot/Purim. For some reason, the holiest of Jewish days, Yom Kippur, day of atonement if you may, was untouched. You know, it’s a really serious day. Until this happened: Breaking Down Mechitzas – “Glad You Prayed”… More ▸

  • And now, the Jewish version of “Gangnam Style” (VIDEO)

    Well, that was fast. Only a few days after the Israeli version of the hit Korean song “Gangnam Style” by Psy came out (and hours after it was featured on our blog), the Jewish version is out. This clip, created by Agent K Media, Kostya (Agent K) Vasilkov & Roman Buchatsky (Rom’s Studio’s) is pretty stereotypical,… More ▸

  • Israelis make a ‘Gangnam Style’ version about the crisis with Iran (VIDEO)

    Introducing “Bomba Style,” the Israeli version of the much-covered Korean mega hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy. The music video accompanying the Korean original, released in mid-July, features an electronic rhythm, catchy lyrics and a special dance that looks almost like riding an invisible horse. It became a hit almost instantly, prompting “Gangnam Style” imitations all over the world and… More ▸

  • A guide to the top 5773 Rosh Hashanah YouTube videos!

    Every year our Facebook friends, Twitter followers and fellow emailers send us Rosh Hashanah videos.
    They are usually parodies of popular songs — and amateurish (or sometimes too professional). Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re endearing, but most times they kind of get old after the, umm, 100th share. So we decided to ease on the pre-holiday headache and put this year’s top Rosh Hashanah videos on one ultimate page for you to share. We just want your newsfeed to be clean and tidy — it’s a new year, you know.
    Shana Tova!
    Here they are…
    1. The “Boy Bands Are Cool Again!” video
    Aish – “What Makes Rosh Hashanah Beautiful”  (based on One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”)  More ▸