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  • Yes, Larry David tattoos exist, and yes, they are ridiculous

    You know how you decide to take an inspiring quote, or a symbol that is meaningful to you, or just a nice tribal decoration and tattoo it on your body? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter, because obviously you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. Why? Because somewhere out there, there are people who tattoo themselves… More ▸

  • Lebanon is upset with ‘Homeland’

    Officials in Lebanon are furious with the creators of “Homeland,” after the first few episodes of the award winning drama, which is based on an Israeli show, portrayed Israel’s northern neighbor as a terrorist-flooded unsafe place. Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud told the Associated Press that people in the country are extremely upset with the… More ▸

  • eBay seller lists a ‘chai’ as a ‘vintage navajo moose’

    This photo has been floating the Jewish internets this morning, apparently the seller has a pretty good feedback, yet doesn’t really know its Jewish charms (this ones means life and the number 18). In case you wanted to purchase yourself one, you’re out of luck (which makes sense, because you obviously did not carry your lucky moose)… More ▸

  • Mac Miller totally doesn’t understand Adam Levine’s humor

    This could be one of those Twitter exchanges that would make you locate the nearest wall and conveniently plant your head in it. Adam Levine commented about Carly Rae Jespen’s “Call Me Maybe” on twitter with the pretty old (in viral terms) joke: “Why does she want him to call her Maybe? Carly is a lovely name.”… More ▸

  • Before Racist Elmo: Five anti-Semitic giant television animals

    Those anti-Semites, they would do anything to spread their Jew-hating agenda.
    And we should be afraid, because their latest (and in my opinion, most efficient) tool is delivering their propaganda while in a giant, innocent-looking animal costume. The beloved Elmo of “Sesame Street” wasn’t the first one to do it. Before Elmo, between the years 2007-2010, several television characters taught children how cute and cuddly the world will be without the Jews.
    Spread it fast, before Cookie Monster gets infected (God help us all).
    1. Farfour the Mouse

    Name: Farfour the Mouse
    Show: “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” a children’s television program of Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV
    Kinda looks like: Mickey Mouse with the mumps
    Catchphrase:  “You and I are laying the foundation for a world led by Islamists”
    Characteristics: Extremely high-pitched voice and impressive grenade-throwing abilities.
    Fate: Killed by an Israeli interrogator in episode 105 (watch the dramatic death scene) More ▸

  • You probably shouldn’t tickle this anti-Semitic Elmo

    So apparently a crazy man dressed as Elmo, the beloved “Sesame Street character,” is walking around the streets of New York and unleashing anti-Semitic rants. Giant Elmos are actually pretty common in New York City, in search of opportunities to pose with tourists for pictures in exchange of a few dollars (also available: giant Cookie Monster, SpongeBob, Buzz… More ▸