Egyptian actor pranked into thinking he’s on Israeli TV, loses it and hits the female host (VIDEO)


This video is difficult to watch. On Friday, Egyptian actor Ayman Kandeel was on the version of “Candid Camera” that runs on the Egyptian network Al-Nahar. The prank? After thinking he was being interviewed for a local show… he was told that he was being interviewed on Israeli television. Next, he lost his temper, started cursing, kicking chairs and ended up slapping the “Israeli” producer and even hitting the female host and knocking her to the ground.

After he realized he had been pranked, the producers all applauded him, as he hugged the host and told her that she “brought it upon herself.”

But the most disturbing part comes… when Kandeel tells the now happy host that after the show she should come to his car and he’ll put some lotion on her back.

(video courtesy of MEMRI)

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