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Yom Kippur

  • Another Yom Kippur at War?

    JERUSALEM, Oct. 8 (JTA) – For the second Yom Kippur in 27 years, Israel may have to fight a war on two fronts. But while in 1973 Israel mainly battled the regular armies of Egypt and Syria, this time the potential foes will be the Palestinians and Hezbollah gunmen in Lebanon. With regard to the… More ▸

  • Holidays: Kugel warms the Yom Kippur soul

    NEW YORK, July 24 (JTA) — It happens every year. Yom Kippur services conclude, and 15 minutes later, you’re dashing in the door only seconds ahead of a hungry crowd. “Can I help you?” someone asks, as your house fills with family and friends. People are polite, but ready to pounce. Like magic, they expect… More ▸

  • Remains of Israelis killed in Yom Kippur War found

    JERUSALEM, Dec. 7 (JTA) — The bodies of two Israeli soldiers missing since the 1973 Yom Kippur War have been found in the Sinai Desert in Egypt. At a news conference Monday, the head of an Israeli army search team that had been working in Egypt announced that the bodies of Cpl. Leon Cohen and… More ▸

  • Floyd Fails to Flood out High Holidays in Jewish Communities on East Coast

    Hurricane Floyd was certainly no picnic, but it wasn’t Noah’s flood, either. That’s the assessment as Jewish communities on the East Coast cleaned up from last week’s hurricane as they commemorated Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, and erected their booths to celebrate the upcoming holiday of Sukkot. “We had a little… More ▸

  • High Holidays Feature (4): the Gourmet Touch; Breaking the Yom Kippur Fast

    Preparation for the break-the-fast meal can easily be completed the day before the holiday. After returning from a full day at synagogue feeling hungry and tired, the last thing one wants to do is reheat leftovers from last evening’s dinner. Instead, this make-ahead meal begins with the simple ritual of blessing the challah, which is… More ▸

  • Aclu Lawsuit Claims Schools Favor Judaism by Closing on High Holidays

    Jewish groups are criticizing a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union that seeks to block a suburban Cincinnati school district from canceling classes on the High Holidays. The ACLU said the Sycamore Community School District’s decision to close on Yom Kippur violates the constitutional prohibition against establishing one religion above others. The school… More ▸