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  • Birthday haiku for Mayim Bialik

    **** Chilled with nerds, princes Now flips latkes in the air Crushed potatoes, hearts **** Happy Birthday, Mayim Bialik (36). How did you go from Will Smith to The Macca… uch un vey, it’s hurts so much I can’t even say their name. More ▸

  • TMZ tries to make T.I. a Jewish Chanukah icon

    SMH*, YouTube video maker. SM mother effin’ H. In this clearly overthought video, a TMZ reporter is trying to convince T.I. to come over to the blue and white side. “Ya gotta do a Hanukkah song, man,” the reporter begs him. Reporter subsequently launches into a Hanukkah rap, tailor made for the hip-hop king himself…. More ▸

  • Paula Abdul, Amanda Bynes support bullied gay teen’s video

    Over the weekend, Jonah Mowry, a teenager who was bullied in school and created a very emotional video titled “what’s going on,” became a social networking sensation. Many celebrities showed their support over Twitter. In the video, Mowry uses cue cards to tell how he was bullied from a young age, and how he has… More ▸

  • Macca-b-boys Rosh Hashanah video: Book of Rock or Book of Shlock?

    For the love of the chosen people, must we keep peddling parody? The latest Rosh Hashanah YouTube video — a parody of LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem" — features black-and-white-clad yeshiva bochurim breakdancing to a shofar-laden chorus. The video was produced by, the online division of the Jerusalem-based Jewish educational and outreach organization. Of note, the lyrics were written by the original… More ▸

  • Can a little California love fix Beitar Jerusalem’s Jewish-Arab problem?

    The recent legacy of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team — back-to-back Israel League champions in ’07-’08 — has been tarnished by the hateful actions of its fans. Supporters of the club frequently find themselves in hot water in for racist anti-Arab chants. Not directly related but not likely to help matters, either: In January, two Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem… More ▸

  • Singing for Rubashkin

    A group of Jewish artists has released a music video on YouTube in support of jailed kosher meatpacking executive Sholom Rubashkin. Rubaskin was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison last year on 86 counts of fraud at the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. The YouTube video, reminiscent of USA for Africa’s "We Are… More ▸