Jason Segel dates a fan


I can’t tell if this is totally awesome or heartbreaking. Awesome because Jason Segel actually went on a date with a fan, which gave all us wee folk hope. But on the other hand, it’s totally heartbreaking that he went on a date with a fan and gave all us wee folk hope.

The story goes as follows: Chelsea Gill, an intimidatingly funny girl with a guitar, recorded an ode to Jason Segel and put it on YouTube. Segel saw it, thought she was cool, and brought her and her twin sister to the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards and then to drinks after. Yes, this may sound like an oft-told story these days, but the difference here is that this girl isn’t a soldier or sick. She’s just awesome. Apparently, the pair (plus twin) had a fantastic evening, since Jason tweeted the next day about it:

“I am honoured to get comedian of the year and screenwriter. Nick Stoller shares this with me. My partner in crime since Sarah Marshall. Chelsea Gill who wrote the awesome song and her twin sister came to the awards tonight. They were the coolest!!”

Excuse me while I go pen a witty and endearing ode to my favorite celeb in hopes that he dates me (even though he’s already done that too). Oh, and I need to learn how to play the guitar.

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