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  • Bialik made Hebrew revival more than pulling teeth

    Today more than ever, I empathize with Hebrew school students. The hopeless saggy-eyed droop on my face mirrors theirs as the nation’s heatwave kicks me in the chest with unconscionable force, instructing me to stay seated and type until the bell rings. It’s not that Hebrew instruction is painful, like having your teeth pulled. It’s… More ▸

  • Yahrzeit: Captain Alfred Dreyfus

    Thanks to Jewish Treats/National Jewish Outreach Project for pointing out that today’s Hebrew date, 11 Tammuz, marks the yahrzeit of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, who passed away in Paris on July 12, 1935. As JTA reported at the time of his death: "Col. Alfred Dreyfus, Jewish officer in the French Army whose unjust imprisonment on Devil’s Island… More ▸

  • Pollard, Jabotinsky and funeral arrangements for Jewish prisoners

    Despite shutting down the White House switchboard, supporters of Jonathan Pollard were unsuccessful in helping the convicted spy attain temporary release to attend his father’s funeral in South Bend, Ind. earlier this week.  JTA online archivist Anne Mintz noticed an interesting precedent for this appeal in our archive: On August 3, 1940 Vladimir "Zev" Jabotinsky passed… More ▸

  • NIF fracas: Defending Israel or destroying democracy?

    A campaign against the New Israel Fund — a U.S.-based organization that funds civil society activists in Israel — has sparked a fierce debate over the limits of free speech, the financing of NGOs, the dictates of loyalty to the state and, ultimately, over the fundamental values of Israel’s Zionist democracy. More ▸

  • The Dersh on Goldstone

    To the editor: Richard Goldstone has repeatedly declined to debate me on the merits of the report. Nor has he responded to my 49 page substantive critique, which is available online at  Instead, Richard Goldstone has generally responded to critics of his report by pointing to his Jewishness, his Zionism, and his connections to… More ▸