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August 1, 1923
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” ‘Then why not say international financiers’? I asked.

‘Sometimes, after that, he did, but just as often he didn’t. ‘The Jews’, he told me, ‘are ordained by God to clean up the things that are ready to disappear’. Then, as though he were merely repeating himself: ‘These Jew financiers are not building anything. They wait until things begin to decay; then they get into them’.

“I spent hours with Henry Ford, not arguing his question, but trying to get his point of view. All at once it dawned on me. Perhaps he didn’t say anything that he hadn’t said before, but he used terms which I could understand.

” ‘Any business,” he said, ‘which is doing a necessary social service ought to be able, as a general thing, to finance itself, just as any man who is working steadily ought to be able to keep out of debt. Unless there is some laziness – unless somebody is lying down on the job – an industry is not apt to get into a fix where it needs help. But the minute it does slow down, or tries to expand abnormally, the Jews sense it. They are keenscented watchdogs in this respect. Aby instituion which has ceased to progress belongs by rights to them and they prepare to take it over. Pretty soon you will find them injecting their wonderful embalming fluid into it which they call ‘finance’.

” ‘You probably think the labor unions were organized by labor, but they weren’t. They were organized by these Jew financiers. The labor union is a great scheme to interrupt work. It speeds up the loafing. It’s a great thing for the Jew to have on hand when he comes around to get his clutches on an industry. Look at the coal business if you want to see the way that the labor unions work with the financiers to paralyze an industry.’ “

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