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Prof. Stein Minimizes Anti-jewish Excess in Germany

December 18, 1923
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Fear for the safety of the Jew in Germany is not shared by Professor Ludwig Stein of Berlin, for twenty years foreign editor of the Vossische Zeitung and one of the most influential journalists and scholars in that country, who recently arrived in this country for a lecture tour of about a month’s duration. Anti-Semitism in Prussia does not exist officialy and reports of attacks on the Jews have been greatly exaggerated, according to Dr. Stein, in an interview today with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Conditions in Bavaria, he claims, have been greatly overstated by the press reports which have found their way to the United States, and any Anti-Semitic feeling there is only “semi-official”.

“Conditions in Bavaria before the war were the best that the Jew enjoyed in any part of Germany,” said Dr. Stein. “That state has the most assimilated Jews and in Bavaria professors, jurists and other great men are of the Jewish race. There is absolutely nothing in the German constitution which even hints toward discrimination. The constitution of Bavaria was framed by a Jew. Native Bavarian Jews were not affected by the expulsion orders and have not been disturbed in their usual pursuits.” Dr. Stein said others, besides. Jews, were affected in the orders to expel all aliens who were not indispensable to the state”, the repeated reports that none but foreign Jews were affected notwithstanding. Outbursts which were so marked in Neurnburg were due to the fact that Neurnberg is the center of the Jewish population, and the more Jews the greater the Anti-Semitism. The report that no Jew was safe on the streets is an exaggeration. The dynasty appreciates the fact that the Jews are numbered among the greatest of Bavarian patriots.

“Anarchizm and not Anti-Semitism is responsible for the happenings in Germany today. The Nationalistic party alones has an Anti-Semitic current within the organization although it has not come on openly against the Jew. The Stresemann party has taken a decidedly neutral stand. All other parties have shown a leaning towards the Jews, and the Socialists are numbered among their best friends. Although Hugo Stinnes, who I believe is the mightiest personage in the German Empire, has appointed no Jews on his Cabinet, he numbers among his best friends Jews and has shown a kindly feeling towards the race as a whole. The press has shown no signs of Anti-Semitism and is safe from such expressions because many of the leading journalists are Jews. The Jewish journalists are ever on the look-out to investigate reported national feeling against the Jew but to date there is absolutely none.”

Dr. Stein’s itinerary is being mapped out by Dr. Stephen P. Duggan. On Monday evening of this week he lectured at Columbia University and he will be the guest of honor of the Columbia Faculty Club at luncheon Friday. He will devote the week of December 24 to lecture at Harvard, Yale, Boston University, Cornell, University

of Pittsburgh and the University of Chicago. Most of his talks will be of a philosiphical nature. Dr. Stein is a professor of philosophy at the University of Borne, Switzerland, and for thirty-seven years without interruption has edited the Alshie Philosphie”. This monthly magazine is translated in four langues, German, French, English and Italian, and even during the war maintained a strict neutrality.

Dr. Stein will be one of the outstanding figures at the Conference of Socialogists in Washington from January 3 to 6 when he will lecture on the History of Philosphy.

While in this country, Dr. Stein will also arrange for the translation of his book, “The Outlines of Sociology”, into English and plans another trip to the United States next year after the book has been published and put into circulation. The demand for his services in the United States on this trip have surpassed by far the fondest hopes of his Committee of Welcome and the date for his intended return on January 15 will probably be extended a few weeks. The Committee of Welcome for Dr. Stein is headed by James W/ Gerard, and Arthur Meyerowitz is secretary. Other important personages include Dr/ Felix Adler, Prof. Henry Barnes, Prof. Ludwig Bernstein, Dr. Stephen P. Duggan, Loring L. Dresel, Prof. John Dewey, Prof. H.M. Kallen, Adolph Kraus, U.S. Senator La Follette, Longdan Mitchell, Prof. William R/ Shepherd, Malcolm Summer and John McHugh Stewart.

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