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October 20, 1924
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The recent visit paid by the Prince of Wales at the home of Henry Ford has called forth considerable resentment on the part of the Canadian Jews, as evidenced by the attitude of the Canadian Jewish press.

“It is more than merely an undeserved honor for the American arch-anti-semite”, writes the Eagle of Montreal, under date of October 16. “It is debasing to England, debasing to her “Prince Charmant” who is beloved by millions of people throughout the world and in whose company Ford does not merit to be.”


The Philadelphia Jewish Leader of Oct. 17, says editorially:

“We do not know who is responsible for the latest revolutionary conflicts in Mexico. But one thing is certain: If there were a large number of Jews in Mexico at this time they would certainly be made the scapegoats. Who knows how dearly they might have paid if they had accepted the invitation which was extended to them several months ago to settle in Mexico?”

It may be well, says this paper, for those who are pushing the propaganda for a large Jewish immigration into Mexico to stop and consider their proposal from this angle before pursuing their course further.”


The attitude of the Presidential candidates on the question of immigration is still a topic of intense discussion in the Yiddish press. Declaring that Coolidge, Davis and La Follette have all acted unfavorable to the immigrants on this issue, the Day (New York) says:

“President Coolidge declared recently that all immigration restrictions aim to protect the American people, including the immigrants in this country.

“Mr. Davis, in an address before the Polish, Jewish and Chech citizens of Chicago, expressed his admiration for the foreigners. But what is the record of the Democratic party on the question of immigration? The Democratic senators and congressmen voted in proportionate numbers to the Republicans in favor of restricting immigration.

“As for Senator La Follette, his position on this vital question has not been much different from that of the other two candidates. He, too, voted for restrictive quota laws for immigrants.

“The fact is that in regard to the immigrants all three candidates are equally guilty. It would be highly advisable for the immigrant population in this country and all those who realize how inhuman and reactionary the present immigration policy of America is, to demand from each of the presidential candidates a clear, unequivocal statement of promise that, if elected, he will deal in a more human, American way with the painful problems of immigration.”


Reports reaching here state that the oldest Jewish colony in Palestine, Rishion L’Zion, has adopted a Sabbath law calling for strict punishment for those who will in any way transgress the Holy day. The town council has handed this law over to the Palestine government to be sanctioned. The Jewish Daily News of Oct. 19, speaking of this matter assumes that the action of the Rishon L’Zion council is “symptomatic of progress in the right direction in that it shows a tendency on the part of Palestine Jewry toward the strict observance of Jewish laws and customs.”

“The action of Rishon L’Zion will be regarded as a happy incident by all those who are dreaming of a Jewish future in Palestine that is to be a real continuation of the Jewish past and its traditions”, says the Daily News.

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