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September 3, 1926
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(By Our Bucharest Correspondent, A. Goldenthal)

For the first time in the history of Roumania, the appelation “dirty Jew” has been publicly used in Parliament by a member of the Government the Minister for Public Health, a Transylvania priest, Lupash, who in a speech full of venomous hatred, reviled the Jews.

After him came the Minister for the Interior, M. Goga, the father of Roumanian anti-Semitism, who repeated all the old demands of his anti-Semitic paper “Zaea Nostra.” And when Cuza, the leader of the anti-Semitic students, got up and delivered his first speech in Parliament, demanding that the Jews should be deprived of all rights, even of the right to live, he was enthusiastically cheered by the majority party, and the Premier, General Averescu himself, got up and shook him by the hand, his face beaming with satisfaction.

These incidents, coupled with the rumor that Cuza will soon be included in the Cabinet, are indicative of the state of affairs under the Averescu government, which, when it came to power was looked to for relief from the reactionary anti-Semitic regime of Bratianu.

The outstanding characteristic of the new regime can be expressed in two words–words very much in fashion in Roumania today: “fascism” and “dictatorship,” fascism in this country being identical with anti-Semitism.

The only salvation from all the evils that beset Roumania is declared to be contained in Mussolini’s teaching and Octavian Goga, formerly a poet and now a Minister, is its chief prophet.

The first sign of where the wind is blowing was given in Parliament by a Cuzist deputy crying: “We want an iron hand, we want a dictator!” And he threw a quick glance at Goga, as though wishing to indicate the coming dictator. The fascist anti-Semitic papers have caught up the tune. The financial crisis in France and the fall of the Herriot Ministry, gave especial cause for pleasure for this was surely the sign that Parliamentarism had become obsolete. Obviously fascism is conquering everywhere, dictatorship is the only salvation for humanity! Roumania will revive only if it accepts the new Fascist gospel at the hand of the ex-poet Goga.

If Averescu goes to Rome to discuss loans or the Bessarabia question, Goga goes with him. There are rumors going round about Goga’s frequent visits to Rome. They are connected with his project for the militarization of the universities which is to come up in Parliament during the autumn session. Under this project, every undergraduate will be under the command and at the orders of the military. All students will be required to do military drill everyday. Military discipline will continue for the whole duration of the studies at the universities and after graduation the students will be considered to have done their military training and will not be required to serve in the army.

It is clear that this new project is not intended as a concession to the students, for instead of having to serve one year only they will be under arms for between 3 to 6 years. The Government wants simply to have a fascist army ready for any emergency. The students, however, are not very enthusiastic about this new plan of Goga’s. Breaking the windows of Jewish houses and thrashing Jews, that is a different thing to putting on khaki for three years or more. It is expected that the students will refuse to obey if the project is passed into law.

But it is said that Goga is going to pacify the students in another way that Professor Cuza will in the autumn be included in the Cabinet. Averescu, it is true, is the premier, but it is Goga who acts. This is why Cuza so suddenly changed his attitude to one of supporting the Government and this is why the “young” Cuzists have become so incensed with their leader. It is for this reason very possible that Cuza may cease to be the leader of the Christian League on his assumption of ministerial rank or even earlier.

Meanwhile, among the Jewish population feeling in the face of the fascist anti-Semitic intrigue which Goga is carrying on with Professor Cuza is extremely depressed and there is a great deal of apprehension for the future.

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