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134 Trade and Professional Groups Enlisted in New York Federation Campaign

November 1, 1926
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One hundred and thirty-four trade and professional groups which are taking part in the $4,720,000 tenth anniversary campaign of the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies were announced Thursday by Frederick Brown, general chairman of the campaign, at a special meeting of the Business Men’s council of the Federation.

Percy S. Straus. chairman of the Business Men’s Council, outlined plans for a campaign rally Sunday afternoon, November 7, when 5,000 men and women are expected to attend 134 meetings.

The trade quotas assigaed were: Group I. Herbert S. Martin. Councillor: Jonah J. Goldstein, Associate Councillor; Bakers and Flour Merchants, $7,500; Beverages, $15,000; Butchers and Packers, $20,000; Dressed Paultry, $5,000; Retail Butchers, $5,000; Live Poultry, $7,500; Butter and Eggs, $10,000; Confectioners, Cocoa and Chocolate Products, $15,000; Fish, $2,000; Grocers, $15,000; Produce and Fruits, $15,000.

Group II. Paul Block. Councillor; Newspapers and Publishers. $35,000; Advertising, $20,000; Corrugated Paper Products, $6,000; Paper and Twine, $20,000; Paper Boxes, $6,000; Printers and Stationers, $30,000.

Group III. Henman Lissner, Councillor: Men’s Clothing, $100,000; Auctioneers, $10,000; General Merchandise, $15,000; Chain Stores, $25,000; Men’s Buttons, $4,000; Sponging, $3,000.

Group IV. William Goldman, Councillor; Belts and Suspenders, $4,500; Hats and Caps, $30,000; Hosiery and Underwear, $35,000; Men’s Neckwear, $12,500; Men’s Retail Stores, $2###; Merchant Tailors, $3,000; Shirts, $55,000; Umbrellas and Canes, $13,000.

Group V. James Goldsmith and Herman W. Block, Councillors: Cotton Goods, $130,000; Woolens, Men’s Wear, $42,000; Silks, $150,000; Yarns and Threads, $12,000; Woolens, Women’s Wear, $7,500.

Group VI and VII. Dudley D. Sicher, Councillor; Children’s and Infant’s Wear, $35,000; Corsets and Brassieres, $16,000; Women’s Dress Trimmings, $5,000; Gloves, $15,000; Kimonas and House Dresses, $6,000; Knit Goods, $13,000; Laces and Embroideries, $30,000; Petticoats, $8,500; Women’s Underwear, $20,000; Women’s Neckwear, $7,500.

Group VIII. Joseph Gurman, Morris Steinhardt and Carl J. Rosenberger, Councillors; Notions and Novelties, $16,000; Toys, $15,000; Hair Goods, $8,000; Women’s Buttons, $3,000;

Group IX and X Oscar Abel, Councillor; Cloaks and Suits, $125,000; Dresses, $125,000; Millinery, $50,000. Group XI. Jewelry and Diamonds, $125,000; Pawnbrokers, $3,000. Group XII. David Ansbacher, Councillor; Chemicals, $65,000; Retail Druggists, $5,000; Wholesale Drugs, $20,000. Group XIII. Boots and Shoes. $25,000; Leather, Hides and Skins, $35,000; Leather Goods, $50,000.

Group XIV, David A. Schulte, Councillor; Cigars and Cigarettes, $80,000; Leaf Tobacco, $32,000. Group XV. G. Richard Davis and Nathan Wilson. Councillors; Real Estate, $600,000; Insurance, $35,000. Group XVI. Sameuel Mundheim, Councillor; Department Stores and Specialty Shops, $200,000. Group XVII. Samuel A. Lewisohn, Councillor; Accountants, $20,000; Dentists, $7,500; Educators, $15,000; Lawyers, $250,000; Metals and Mining, $175,000; Physicians, $40,000; Rabbis, $6,000.

Group XVIII. Maurice Goodman and Adolph Zukor, Councillors; Theatrical Trades, $150,000. Group XIX. Albert J. Erdmann, Councillor: Bankers and Brokers, Arthur Lehman, Samuel Sachs and Edwin H. Stern, $1,000,000. Group XX. Samuel J. Bloomingdale, Councillor; Art Goods, Mirrors and Picture Frames, $5,000; China and Glassware. $13,000; Furniture and Carpets, $100,000; Lighting and Fixtures, $10,000; Musical Instruments and Raido, $20,000; Hardware, Cutlery and House Furnishings. $20,000; Upholstery, $10,000. Group No. XXI. Automobiles, $7,500; Exporters and Importers. $15,000; Florists, $2,500; Waste Products, $5,000; Labels and Tags, $2,500; Surgical and Dentist Supplies, $10,000.

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