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Leading American Jews of All Shades of Opinion Greet “jewish Daily Bulletin” on Occasion of 1000th I

February 21, 1928
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American Jews of all shades of opinion, irrespective of group or party affiliation, Zionist and non-Zionist, Orthodox and Reform, who are constant readers of the “Jewish Daily Bulletin”, re-affirmed their appreciation of the value of the only Jewish daily published in English in the United States, in communications which have poured into the editorial office of the Bulletin on the occasion of the publication of this edition, the one thousandth issue.

In addition to the laudatory opinions given expression to on previous occasions by Louis Marshall, Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Felix M. Warburg and other leaders of many groups in American Jewry, the Bulletin readers from coast to coast, each a leader in his community, eagerly contributed words of encouragement and praise on the occasion when the first American Jewish daily newspaper in English reached its first milestone.

The contribution which the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” is making to the fullness of American Jewish life is reviewed from the social, educational, institutional and unifying aspects in the statements received.

Besides the communications of Felix M. Warburg, Julius Rosenwald, and Judge Julian W. Mack, which are reproduced in facsimile in the pages of this issue, the following have voiced their appreciation:

MRS. FELIX M. WARBURG New York. “I find the ‘Daily Bulletin’ exceedingly helpful in keeping in touch with Jewish affairs and read it daily with great interest.”

DR. STEPHEN S. WISE, Free Synagogue, New York. “I consider the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ one of the most important agencies of Jewish life in America. It gives the news from day to day about Jewish affairs here and abroad. It has become an invaluable and even indispensable help to all who concern themselves with Jewish life. It ought to have a circulation covering the country. Every Jewish family in America should subscribe to the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’. It requires a large circulation on two grounds: 1. It must be made independent of all groups and factions in American Israel. 2. It must be enabled to have men in all parts of the world in order to gather news and means with which to meet the cost of the fullest cable and telegraphic service.”

JAMES N. ROSENBERG, Vice-Chairman Joint Distribution Committee, New York “‘Give me liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience above all other liberties.’

“I quote from the immortal words of John Milton in his ‘Areopagetica.’

“Through the ‘Bulletin’, we have not only the liberty to know but to utter and to argue freely as to Jewish matters the world over. This is of inestimable importance in the agelong battle against anti-Semitism.”

HERBERT H. LEHMAN, Chairman, Reconstruction Committee of J.D.C. “I feel that the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the ‘Daily Bulletin’ have fully justified their existence in the past several years. They have a very definite value in presenting in a clear and unbiased form news gathered from all over the world concerning and of interest to Jews.

“I have been particularly impressed with the impartial character of your news items, which in almost every instance have been free from exaggeration or partisanship.”

DAVID A. BROWN, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, Detroit, Mich. “It is the wish of the writer that you should grow in strength as the great news gathering agency of the Jewish people. Your possibilities for good are unlimited, for as a neutral medium disseminating Jewish news to a Jewish and non-Jewish audience, you have the attention of millions.”

DR. CYRUS ADLER, Dropsie College, Philadelphia. “I wish to send my cordial congratulations upon the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency,and the one thousandth issue of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’. These agencies have rendered an important service to the Jewish people throughout the world by making known the actual facts of Jewish life, and in congratulating the management on having brought the Organizations so far, I express the hope that you will be granted the support to continue to improve and enlarge these great undertakings.”

DR. LEE K. FRANKEL, New York. “The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ has always seemed to me to be a very desirable publication. I read it daily as it comes to my desk. It keeps me in touch with current news of Jewish interest. This is possible only through the arrangement with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, which gives to the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ the latest news at the earliest possible moment.

“I feel that the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ has developed a news service quite different from anything that had been in existence prior thereto and that this service is of a kind which ought not only to be continued, but, if possible, should be enlarged and extended.”

JONAH J. GOLDSTEIN, Chairman, Jewish Education Association Campaign Committee, New York City. “Jewish news the world over, is focused through the ‘Bulletin’

“‘The Jewish Daily Bulletin’ gives its readers, (to use a radio term), a world wide hook-up.

“You give the facts, leaving each reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

“Keep up the good work-more power to you.”

DAVID M. BRESSLER, New York City “I have been among the very first to recognize the importance and value of a pen picture of life and events in Jewry throughout the world. Such a picture is contained in the daily issues of the ‘Jewish Bulletin’ and I have found them most helpful in keeping myself informed as to what is happening in Jewry. In the years that I have been receiving and reading the ‘Bulletin’, I fail to recall a single instance that the information contained therein has been otherwise than authentic and presented in a thoroughly impartial manner.”

MAX J. KOHLER, New York City. “My hearty congratulations on the ninth anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’ and the 1000th issue of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’! Your work is admirably performed, and you render a very important service to Judaism the world over by your ably edited and timely enterprises. You deserve the warm support of all interested in Judaism, as well as in immigration and naturalization problems.”

ADOLPH LEWISOHN, N. Y. C. “I congratulate you on your splendid work which is very important and helpful in the education and the general improvement of your readers.”

CONGRESSMAN EMANUEL CELLER, House of Representatives, Washington, D. C. “I congratulate you upon the ninth anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and upon the thousandth issue of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin.’

“The ‘Bulletin’ is a very valuable source of information to me. It is a newspaper that I cannot very well do without. Jefferson said that if he were given a choice of a government without newspapers or newspapers without government he would choose the latter. The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ makes these remarks of Jefferson all the more fitting. Every morning a copy is on my desk. To read it is as essential as coffee and toast for breakfast. During my absence in Washington the’Bulletins’ may accumulate but upon my return I would as soon miss my salary check as to miss reading every number.

“N. E. W. S., someone said is a combination of the initial letters of North, East, West and South. The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ prints the Jewish news from the four winds of Heaven, North, East, West and South.”

MRS. J. WALTER FREIBERG. President, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, Cincinnati, Ohio. “I wish to congratulate the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ on the occasion of the one thousandth issue of its appearance, and also on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“I find the ‘Bulletin’ very helpful in acquainting myself with current Jewish events and of great interest.”

EDWIN S. FRIENDLY, Business Manager. The Sun, New York City “The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, a world wide news gathering institution, now celebrating its ninth anniversary, has won on intrinsic merits in a comparatively brief space of time the admiration and praise of those who are familiar with the high calibre news, invariably trustworthy and well presented, which it gathers from every civilized quarter of the globe.

“The valuable and important service rendered by the “Jewish Daily Bulletin’, now combernorating its 1000th issue is of such a commendable nature that it easily recommends itself to high praise.

“And on the occasion of these two celebrations it is a pleasure to offer my cordial felicitations to these two institutions which have become so important in contemporary Jewish life.”

LOUIS WEITZENKORN, Sunday Feature Editor. The World, New York. “I feel that the Agency has done excellent work and that its sense of news value is always well proportioned. However I thoroughly agree with Mr. Ochs that the name “Jewish’ attached to the Telegraphic Agency is offensive. Somehow of other I believe that the name has restricted your growth, which is a pity.”

DR. HORACE M. KALLEN. The New School for Social Research, New York City “The Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin” have established themselves as important institutions of American Jewish life. I am glad to testify that their service well merits the success which has come to them.”

S. W. STRAUS, New York “I offer my congratulations on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the 1000th issue of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin.’ I am pleased to note the success that has attended your efforts in the development of these two media for the dissemination of facts and truth. I have the most sincere admiration for all who are honestly endeavoring to foster harmony and encourage human progress by the processes of spreading useful knowledge throughout the nation.”

NATHAN STRAUS, Jr. “Please accept my hearty congratulations on the Ninth Anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The ‘Daily Bulletin’ is performing a great service in disseminating the truth about Jewish affairs. I read it regularly and would not be without it. All good wishes for the future.”

RABBI LOUIS WOLSEY, Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Philadelphia. Pa. “Let me take this opportunity of expressing to you my heartfelt congratulations on your ninth anniversary. You have performed a very necessary and indispensable service to the cause of Israel. with your authoritative publication of Jewish news from all over the world. I have found your “Bulletin” of great use, not alone for my own information, but also for the Jewish education of the children of my Sunday School. Your publication makes me wonder how the Jews could have gotten along without the paper for so many years. I wish to express to you my best wishes for your continued progress and still greater usefulness.”

A LEO WEIL, Pittsburgh, Pa. “I read the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” with my morning mail and thereby obtain an authentic and reliable review of Jewish happenings and conditions throughout the world. I really do not understand how we got along without it so many years, it seems so indispensable now.”

DR. DAVID PHILIPSON. Commissioner on Jewish Education of Union of American Hebrew Congregations and The Central Conference of American Rabbis. Cincinnati. O. “It gives me such pleasure to recommend very highly the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ and congratulate the publisher on the occasion of the one thousandth issue of the ‘Bulletin.’ This daily publication is performing an excellent service by keeping its readers in touch with all important events of Jewish interest throughout the world. It is a unique publication and should receive the enthusiastic support of all who are interested in Jewish experience in various countries wherever Jews are living.”

DR. BERNARD REVEL, President of the faculty of the Yeshiva Rabbi Isaac Elchanan, New York. “I am glad that the occasion exists for wishing the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ another and many years of continuing ervice, for it has already proved itself of inestimable value to American and to world Jewry,in many respects. Its presentation of all the reliable news of universal Israel, in all its relation, everywhere; its digest of public opinion on Jewish affairs have increased the self-awareness of the individual Jew, have developed throughout American Jewry a greater sense of its mutual interests, opportunities and responsibilities. The individual Jew, by the service of the J. T. A., is linked with universal Israel.

“In addition to its manifold benefits within the great world community, the J. T. A. has been of most important and effective service in presenting Jewish life in the proper light to the world. It has established itself as the bearer to the general public of the news and the attitude of the Jews throughout the world. From its continued presentation of these facts, may a more tolerant, a more harmonious relationship arise.

“It is my hope and prayer that the J.T.A. will long continue its important work, and become the bearer of increasingly happy news from a world which the closeness of contacts and the dissemination of culture and truth shall help to make more understanding and more tolerant and from Jewish communities that ever more fully recognize the spirit and the wonders of Universal Israel, his God and his Torah.”

JUDGE JOSEPH L. KUN, Court of Common Please, Philadelphia, Pa. “The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ is absolutely indispensable for anyone interested in Jewish affairs who wishes to be kept informed. It presents to you at a glance the daily world panerama of Jewish life. It is a distinctive and an invaluable service.”

LOUIS E. KIRSTEIN, Boston, Mass. “The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ has come to be an integral part of that Jew’s life who is interested in the welfare of his o-religionists whether they be near at hand or in distant lands. Not alone does it serves to give these items of interest but the sum total of its activities over a series of years will unquestionably prove a most valuable source for future historical research, at a time when a real interpretation of current events becomes possible. In addition to these two foregoing services the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ unquestionably acts as a salutary influence in inter-group relations.”

MRS. ALEXANDER KOHUT New York City. “The Jews of this country are not unmindful of their deep obligation to the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ for the contribution it is making through its columns, and for which we have learned to look so eagerly each morning. Not only does the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ color one’s attitude towards the world problems as affecting Jews but it fortifies one in a remarkable way to think clearly and to meet life as a Jew intelligently and sanely. My wish for the Bulletin would be that it receive the whole-hearted support of all Jews in this country. May thousands of issues of the ‘Bulletin’ be added to its record!”

IRMA L. LINDHEIM, President of Hadassah. “Some times one learns the real value of a thing when it is withdrawn. It is when I am on the road and do not receive my ‘Bulletins’ that I realize what a gap it leaves not to be in touch with the day-by-day Jewish events.”

GEORGE ALEXANDER KOHUT, New York City. “I have come to believe that the ‘Bulletin’ serves a notable purpose insofar as it keeps us in direct touch with Jewish appenings the world over and supplies the daily press with authoritative service touching our people. The ‘Bulletin’ is an ideal daily summary of events transpiring everywhere and is to be recommended for its sobriety of judgment, for its absence of all sensational matter and its unbiased and impartial view of the Jewish problem which is presented in workmanlike fashion to your readers.

“You have secured a discriminating and representative audience which looks forward eagerly day after day to the appearance of your reports concerning our people, and is the earnest wish of all who are intensively Jewish in their feelings and convictions that you may go from strength to strength, achieving increasingly distinguished results in Jewish journalism.”

B. M. ACHTENBERG Kansas City, Mo. “To the active professional and business man desiring to keep abreast with Jewish news of national or international importance, the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ is indispensible.”

FERDINAND S. BACH, Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, Mo. “I read with a great deal of interest the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ each day, and I know of no other publication that keeps me better posted on the happenings of Jewish affairs.”

NISSIM BEHAR, New York City. “The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ is now one of the great institutions of this country. Its pen pictures of our various communities shall remain a monument of contemporary Jewish activity.”

OSCAR BERMAN, Stonewall, Miss. “I have been reading the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ regularly ever since it was published and seldom miss a copy. I consider it indispensable to any one who wants to keep posted on Jewish affairs and has not much time to do so. The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ covers the ground in short and concise form and gives all the important news at a glance.

“The absence of any partisanship, propaganda, etc., without taking sides on any issue, makes it a newspaper of real value and one that can be accepted and supported by every Jew in the world, regardless of his affiliation, connections or inclinations.

“With best wishes for continued success.”

EDWARD L. BERNAYS New York Ciuty. “My felicitations and good wishes to you on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The importance of your service is not to be underestimated. You are a force in moulding public opinion, for you interpret the actions and opinions of one sector of the public to the other sectors. The Jews, scattered as they are racially, geographically, politically, must derive a large part of their understanding of one another through the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’, which publishes its thousandth issue, is a splendid meeting place for those who are interested in ideas dealing with all branches of Jewry.”

SARA GORDON BERSTEIN, Managing Editor, The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, Montreal, Canada. “It is a pleasure to extend to you and to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency our heartiest felicitations upon the observance of its Ninth Anniversary.

“Your service, reaching as it does into the farthest corners of the earth, has met a distinct need in Jewish Journalism. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency is performing its share in advancing the causes of Jewry at large, and in stimulating Jewish interest in Jewish life.

“We wish you many years of increasing usefulness and continued success in the excellent service you are rendering your people.”

ALEX A. BERNSTEIN, Distribution Chairman, Fur Industry, Charity Chest, New York City. “On the occasion of the 1,000th issue of your publication, please permit me to express my interest in your model, miniature daily newspaper which delineates economic, social, religious and political trends of the far-flung Jewish community.

“The Bulletin is one of America’s worthwhile newspapers. In order to be correctly and impartially informed about matters of general Jewish importance, the ‘Bulletin’ is not only indispensable-it is sufficient.

“It publishes Jewish news from all parts of the world, assembled and presented with a sense of proportion and is indispensable for the formation of intelligent Jewish public opinion.”

FRED M. BUTZEL Detroit, Mich. “It seems difficult to realize both that the agency is already nine years old and that we ever got along without it previous to nine years ago.

“I wish to compliment you on having kept up your standards so well, and I hope before long that you will be free from all worry as to the future of the Bulletin.”

BENJAMIN WINTER New York. “I send my heartiest congratulations to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on the occasion of its Ninth Anniversary, and to the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ upon the appearance of its 1,000th issue.

“May the sphere of their influence continue and widen.” RABBI EDWARD N. CALISCH Richmond, Virginia. “Permit me to congratulate you upon the ninth anniversary of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and the 1,000th issue of the ‘Daily Bulletin.’

“The Agency has become a deservedly recognized element of Jewish life both within and without Jewish circles. It has not only given Jewish news a place in the sun of journalism, but has also given it a dignity and a respect it had not had.

“The ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ has likewise done a fine work. It has helped to stimulate the Jewish consciousness in an admirable manner. Its management and editorial policy have both been excellent, and no well-informed Jew can do without it.”

“May both continue to prosper in an ever widening circle of subscribers.”

RUDOLPH I. COFFEE, Rabbi, Temple Sinai, Oakland, California. “You have splendidly done a pioneer work in American Judaism and thousands of our co-religionists are in your debt. Your publication is drawing Jewish forces, in all parts of the world, more closely together. You are acquainting American Jews with their brethern overseas. You are bringing Palestine as close to New York as is California. Surely this blessed work deserves every encouragement and support. God bless you in your fine activities.”

A. K. COHEN, Boston, Mass. “I am pleased to receive daily the issue of your paper, and also I am glad to note that through the office of the Executive Committee of the Independent Order B’nai B’rith, copies are to be sent to every member of that Order. Your paper is so instructive, and information of important events in world Jewry is so speedily and accurately given, that all Jews ought to be subscribers and thereby keep constantly in touch with matters of interest to all of our people.”

RABBI HERMAN M. COHEN, Keneseth Israel-Beth Sholom, Kansas City, Mo. “No doubt you receive many laudatory communications from your readers, and I am desirous of joining the chorus that sings your praise. Your publication is a national asset of English speaking Jewry, for it strengthens the Jewish consciousness. Your impartial method of dealing with delicate partisan situations is admirable.”

MAURICE P. DAVIDSON, New York City. “Undoubtedly thanks are due to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency for binding the world of Jewish affairs more closely ogether, quickening communications, spreading enlightenment and providing new and powerful methods for the protection and advancement of the Jewish people.”

“It is perfectly marvellous that every day, thru the medium of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ there are presented happenings of Jewish interest, gathered together from every part of the world. The implications and the potentialities of this service are boundless.

“Permit me to extend my earnest congratulations upon this ninth anniversary, and to express the nope that your opportunities for usefulness will continue to expand.”

RABBI MORRIS M. FEUERLICHT, Indianapolis, Ind. “The one thousandth issue of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ is an occasion worthy of more than merely scattered conventional greetings from individual readers. Because of its generally accurate, non-partisan, unembellished and unsensational presentation of Jewish world news, it merits the grateful interest and support of United Israel as an excellent daily tabloid of Jewish history in the making. From this viewpoint alone, and apart from any considerations of Journalistic efficiency, it has more than justified its existence thus far. Its present usefulness to the Jewish pulpit, laity, religious-school and home is sufficient warrant to hope for its ever-increasing growth from strength to strength!”

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