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“bulletin” Seen As Instrument for Unity

December 28, 1928
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The “Jewish Daily Bulletin” is termed an instrument for unity by the “S. A. J. Review,” the organ of the Society for the Advancement of Judaism of which Mr. Mordecai M. Kaplan is the leader.

“It is a remarkable fact that much as the multiplication of means of communication has tended to make the world one it has left the Jewish world singularly unaffected,” writes the “S. A. J. Review,” “The ability to go quickly and easily from one place to another increased the Jewish dispersion, did not lessen it, of course, and the effect has not been noticeably counterbalanced by the multiplication of instruments-like the telegraph-to abolish the distances thus created. So that while our age finds the world at large more nearly one than ever before, it finds the Jewish unity has become our chief preoccupation of the day.

“It becomes increasingly clear that the desired sense of Jewish unity must be made to function not by constant prodding, nor by exercise with a Coue formula, but by the spread of information. No abstract passion about Jewish unity could have united us with, for example, our fellow-Jews in Australia; but a column of information in the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ works like magic in this respect. The power of the bare word to make for significant change in the feelings of far-flung human beings about one another receives remarkable demonstration with every appearance of the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin,’ It should not, in our time, seem disproportionate to speak of a newspaper as the most powerful single agency making for a sense of unity among scattered peoples, It may then with equal justice be said of a Jewish newspaper.

It is certainly our duty to encourage an agency which will perfect the machinery for world-wide Jewish intercommunication. The unity we speak of means, after all, little more than quick and immediate awareness of and interest in our various existences as Jews. This can be based only on information, and the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ supplies that admirably.”

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