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Pre-eminence of Lehman for Post of Governor Urged in Press of New York

September 12, 1932
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Colonel Herbert H. Lehman, Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York and noted Jewish philanthropist and communal leader, is urged as the most suitable candidate, on the basis of his record, for the post of governor of the State of New York by the press of New York City.

The “New York Times” has lauded Colonel Lehman’s candidacy and fitness for the office in a number of editorials and again in a leading editorial which appeared in Saturday’s edition.

On Friday the Hearst papers announced that they would support the Lieutenant Governor for the governorship in an editorial which appeared on the front page of the “American.”

The “New York Times” hails Col. Lehman as a worthy successor to Governors Roosevelt and Smith. “Should Col. Lehman be given the opportunity to apply his wise formula, he would be worthy to succeed Alfred E. Smith and Franklin D. Roosevelt,” it asserts.

“In his speech at the State Fair at Syracuse,” says the “Times” editorial, “Lieutenant Governor Lehman made it plain that if he is the successor to Governor Roosevelt, he will pursue the path of economy as befits such times as these. With the added experience in curtailment of public expense which adversity has brought to the State Administration, Colonel Lehman should be able, aided also by his business training and capacity, to cut more and more waste from the budget and both to save and to conserve the money of the tax payers. These words alone establish the strength and wisdom of his conception of the task which lies before the next governor of New York and makes opposition of the city bosses to his candidacy the greater threat to public welfare,” asserts the editorial.

The “American” editorial, which bears the title: “Democrats Should Nominate Lehman to Beat the Power Trust,” says:

“Lieutenant Governor Lehman is the natural and proper nominee of the Democratic Party for Governor of the State of New York because of his high personal standing, because of his sound executive ability, because of his fine record in the office of Lieutenant Governor and because he is firmly committed to the anti-Power Trust Policies which distinguished the administrations of previous Democratic Governors.

“The Hearst papers have long been supporters of Herbert H. Lehman for important positions in public life; and the Hearst papers today ardently support Lieutenant Governor Lehman as the man best fitted by character and experience to carry on the policies of his great predecessors and to fortify the campaign for Democratic principles, not only in New York State but throughout the nation.”

With the Democratic State convention scheduled to be held in Albany on October 3rd, the situation around the selection of a candidate for the gubernatorial nomination still continues involved owing to the resignation of Mayor James J. Walker following hearings before Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose personal choice, Lieutenant Governor Lehman is for the post.

Following a meeting of the Democratic State Committee in Albany on Friday, the possibility that Borough President Samuel Levy of Manhattan might be Tammany Hall’s candidate for the gubernatorial office, was indicated.

In some circles it is held that if former Governor Alfred E. Smith, as is expected, endorses the candidacy of Col. Lehman, his selection by the State Democratic convention is a virtual certainty.

In other circles, there is a belief that former Governor Smith cannot be counted upon to endorse the Lieutenant Governor’s candidacy. In the latter circles, it is pointed out that had Governor Smith really favored Lehman, he would have come out for him long ago, without waiting for strong opposition to develop.

On the other hand, the question of the Jewish vote in New York City is agitating Tammany. If Lehman is not nominated and Mayor Thacher of Albany is made a candidate, Tammany would lose thousands of votes in New York.

For this reason, the name of Borough President Levy of Manhattan is being advanced. The Borough President does not enjoy the same wide-spread popularity either in Jewish or general circles as does Col. Lehman.

Borough President Samuel Levy of Manhattan is sharply denounced by Rabbi Stephen S. Wise in his column appearing in “Opinion,” along with “Walker’s other Jewish friends,” in an article discussing the resignation of Mayor Walker.

“New York may at last, after years of hurt and shame be shocked into vigilant safeguarding of its interests, moral and material,” says Rabbi Wise. “But what of the great Jewish population of New York? Will groups in it again view with complacency or even approval any doings of a Mayor, provided he become adept in attendance at Bar Mitzvah parties, or because, in the course of patronage maneuvering, he fling a few jobs, big or little, into the laps of small men? Page the Borough President of Manhattan. Page the whole wretched crew of traitors to everything decent, civil and Jewish alike who must never again be suffered to speak or to act in the name of the Jewish people.”

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