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Establish Nazi Organization in U.S. Under Control of Dept. of Foreign Propaganda

March 22, 1933
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the local group receives a quarter, the national headquarters a quarter, and half is to be forwarded to the Hamburg headquarters.

Also, of all incoming donations, 50% have to be forwarded to Hamburg, while the remaining 50% are to be equally divided between the local group and the national headquarters here.

The New York organization of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party is located at 309 East 92nd St. It is headed by Paul Manger, of 4229 Judge St., Elmhurst, L. I.; the Chicago office is at 2523 Cullom Ave., under the leadership of Fritz Gissible; the Hudson County office is in Union City at 416 22nd St., under the direction of Wilhelm Schneider; the Cincinnati office is at 2631 Clifton Ave., under the leadership of Christof Klausfelder; the San Francisco office is under the direction of Frank Kererst, 2754 Folsome St., while the Los Angeles office is under the direction of Dr. Erich Breitung, 3032 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, California.

Hans George Straus is the treasurer of the National Socialist Organization in America.

Each group usually meets at least once a week.

Some of the addresses delivered at the group gatherings are devoted to anti-Semitic propaganda. For example, Spanknoebel, the national leader of the organization, spoke recently in Detroit on “the pseudo-culture of the Jews.”

The National Socialists have recently also begun the publication of a new paper called the “Deutscher Beobachter”, of which to date three isues have appeared; it is published as a supplement to the “Amerika’s Deutsche Post”. The publisher of the paper is Friedrich Heiss, with business offices at 309 East 92nd Street. The paper contains, in addition to Hitlerist propaganda, many anti-Semitic statements, particularly on Einstein and Feuchtwanger, who are frequently made the targets of attack in the paper. Many Americans, too, are victims of the paper’s vitriol.

In the March issue of the paper, Herbert Bayard Swope is the object of a venomous attack. The paper claims that Swope’s original name was “Schwob” and that he originated from Galicia, but that the family moved via Berlin to New York. It goes on to say that “when the World War broke out, it was Swope who helped former Ambassador James Gerard in the publication of “that infamous book of lies” which he called “My Four Years in Germany”, and that Swope, as a newspaperman was the head of Ambassador Gerard’s secret couriers, particularly before Christmas 1913, transmitting the worst libels against Germany. When the World War broke out, Swope denied his origin and went even so far as to avoid his own German mother in Berlin, the paper alleges. The article is signed by Oscar C. Pfaus, “Bundeschuhrer des Germanischen Bunds”.

In addition to the National Socialist Organization in the United States, a League of the Friends of the Hitler Movement has been established, with headquarters in Hamburg. The task of the League is to carry on propaganda for the German National Socialist movement. Only foreign citizens may be members of this League; German citizens are not permitted to join. The members of the League are charged with the tasks of informing public opinion abroad about the aims of the Hitler movement; they are to help National Socialists to establish contacts with Government authorities, as well as with newspapers and other influential personalities. However, in their capacity of members of the Friends of the Hitler Movement, they are not to interfere with the internal politics of other countries.

Both individuals and societies willing to support the Nazi movement may become members of the League. While the National Socialists, the Nazis themselves, have the official task of organizing under the Swastika, German citizens living abroad, the League of the Friends of Hitler, is to support the Nazis by obtaining contributions for the Party. Members of the League are also to maintain intimate contact with the National Socialist Party members and to lend them every assistance. Should members of the League move to Germany they may become active members of the National Socialist Party.

The National Socialist paper in question also publishes an appeal to American Germans urging them to join the Party of the Friends of the Hitler Movement “in order to free Germany and its people from internationalism, Marxism, and Parliamentarism.” “Help to build a new Empire Reich,” the appeal concludes.

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