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April 4, 1934
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Methods employed by “Judo-Bolshevist agents” to crush opposition to Communism are daringly revealed in an anonymous leaflet recently distributed by “a citizen of the U. S. A.” in San Diego, Cal.

This courageous patriot who, incidentally, had his leaflet printed by Brown and Burrows, of London, a small print shop where many jobs of similar nature are turned out for a well known anti-Semitic organization, warns that “of all the Judo-Bolshevist agents in the United States, possibly the most dangerous, and certainly the most sneaking and disloyal, are the owners and employees of many automobile repair shops.”

“Any American,” he discloses, almost at the very moment that a “Judo-Bolshevist agent” may be deflating the tires of his automobile, “who seriously undertakes to fight Bolshevism, will find that his car will be sabotaged in almost any repair shop he may care to take it to.”

And since all the police and prosecuting authorities are under Jewish domination, the complainant has no redress. “If this garage gang could be broken up,” the author of the leaflet advises, “Communism in the United States would soon be a negligible factor.”

Hereafter, you may now know, if a spark plug doesn’t function properly, or the bearings of your car burn out or its radiator develop a leak, it isn’t the fault of a car, it’s the Elders of Zion diabolically working for world domination.

Most of the obituary notices for Dr. Moses Silverfarb, whose death in Warsaw was reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency last week, while describing his many political and communal activities, failed to report one interesting experience he had.

Although he closely escaped death by court martial on two occasions during Denikin’s rule of Kiev because of his previous activity as a Ukrainian cabinet member, Silverfarb lived to read his own obituaries. In February, 1919; a Vienna newspaper reported that the Jewish leader had died. The entire Yiddish press in Eastern Europe picked up the report. Silverfarb was said to have been highly amused and appropriately appreciative of the encomiums prematurely lavished upon him.

A new menace to the racial purity program of the Nazis has been rooted out of German life with the recognition by the government that golliwogs and other black-faced dolls are a threat to the so-called Aryan state. Hence forth, golliwogs and black-faced dolls are taboo in the Third Reich and the danger that flaxen-haired German youngsters may lavish affection on a “non-Aryan” doll is averted.

With golliwogs barred from the New Germany, by executive order, the Manchester Guardian is impelled to express its concern over the status of the teddy bear. The world-famous liberal organ expresses fear that the teddy bear, too, may be “non-Aryan” in origin and therefore an offensive and dangerous plaything for hundred per cent “Aryan” children.

Another forward step has been taken in the blood purification of Germany. For centuries the arms and seal of the city of Coburg, which last spring forbade Jews to ride with non-Jews in the city street cars, have borne the head of a Negro. With Germany, and presumably Coburg, awakened, a new coat of arms has been decreed for the city. The Negro will give way to an “Aryan.”

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