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April 9, 1934
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This week’s issue of Today, containing the second instalment of a series of articles entitled “Hitlerism I n v a d e s America,” has a reproduction of a letter signed by the “Foreign Adjutant” of Silver Shirts of America which reveals one of the sources of the “valuable information” supplied to the “Silver Shirts”.

The letter contains the following paragraph: “Please, get in touch with my friend, General E. S. Inmadze, 51 East 129th street, N.Y.C. He is one of our members . A former Imperial Russian General, he is now doing ‘little jobs’ and is financially rather incapacitated. But he is the Head of the Second North Section of the All Russian Combatants, consisting of former Imperial Russian Officers, and is able to be of real help to us in our Work. He is supplying us with valuable information from Paris about Soviet Russian developments.

“As you know, friend Melni##ff is now editor of the ‘Russkaya Gazeta’ and very anxious to print an English Edition in his Russian plant. May be it would be advisable to consider his propositions with your men ## New York.”

It is the same old story. People of the type that introduced the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” here and abroad, are now supplying “valuable information” and helping in the “Work” of the Silver Shirts and other Nazified anti-Jewish organizations. They are the “experts” on the “Protocols” and they furnish the necessary ammunition for the anti-Semitic campaign.

According to this letter, the Imperial Russian General is supplying the Silver Shirts “with valuable information from Paris about Soviet Russian developments”. To the Silver Shirts and to the Imperial Russian officers Soviet Russian developments mean Jewish developments, for they are trying to make the world believe that the ## of the Soviets in Russia is ## a fulfillment of the so-called Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion”. These Imperial Russians; seeking employment, are now selling their “expert” counsel to the Silver Shirts and their Nazi associates just as they sold it immediately after the Russian revolution to anti-Jewish organizations in various lands. It did not matter to them whether it was the Ku Klux Klan, or The Dearborn Independent, or the German anti-Semites, as long as they were paid for their “ex##ert” testimony. Now it is the ##er Shirts and the Nazis that ## their “information.”

What I wrote about the dis##nators of the “Protocols” ##een years ago is just as ##ly today. The same charla##ris are seeking to discredit the Jews for revenue only. They come forth with a number of “secret documents” by which they try to show that the Jews are responsible for all the ills that have already befallen the world and that are still to come.

The method is simple. Was there a revolution in Russia? Blame the Jews. Was there a revolution in Germany in 1918? Blame the Jews. Who made the French Revolution? The Jews. Who caused the World War? The Jews. Who profited by the War? The Jews. Is there an industrial and economic crisis? The Jews are, of course, the cause of it. Has th World War brought forth Bolshevism? The Jews are naturally the fathers of it. First the Jews engineered the War, and then they pulled the strings behind the scenes of the Peace Conference. They secured special privileges at the Peace Table, because, according to the “Prtocols,” they control the gold of the world, the press of the world, the rulers of the world, And if, as a result of the World War, millions of Jews have suffered untold agonies, persecution, starvation, and pogroms, it is no doubt only part of their deep-laid plot to gain control of the world for Zion through poverty and martyrdom!

Are governments just to the Jews, giving them equal rights? Then it is obvious that Jews are either at the head of such governments or are hidden behind the present rulers. All this is done by the Jews with but one aim in view–to dominate the world, to become its autocratic master, to break down the moral power of Christendom and set up Israel as “the despot” over the peoples of the earth.

The disseminators of the farications of the “Protocols” made in Germany and in Russia are violent and vicious, foaming at their mouths, appealing to the basest passions, insinuating, accusing, pointing their fingers at “the source of all evil”–at the Jews who constitute but a fraction of one per cent of the world’s population, and who are in Europe today, after the World War, more miserable and wretched than ever before–persecuted, hounded, humiliated.

The “Protocols” came into the world with the trade mark “Made in Germany” and were elaborated under the auspices of the Russian Black Hundreds in their efforts to save the dying Tsarist autocracy. When the Russian autocracy was overthrown and members of the Black Hundreds were scattered in various lands, their financial and “moral” support shattered, they set out in quest of new sources of income.

Adolf Hitler’s anti-Jewish “ideology” is based chiefly upon the fabricated “Protocols” and the Russo-German interpretation of the forged documents. The Nazi agitation in various lands is carried on with the aid of the mercenary Imperial Russian anti-Semites who are selling themselves to the highest bidders.

The conspiracy against the Jewish people is propped up by the pillars of dead Tsarism and of destructive Nazism.

Thirteen years ago I wrote:

“And now cowardly anonymous writers are embellishing the ‘protocols’, adding new lies to the old ones, making accusations against the Jews that even Nilus dared not make in darkest Russia. Perhaps some day these new legends and absurd, malicious myths may evolve into a new and revised edition of secret Jewish ‘protocols’.”

That day has now arrived. Hitlerism has risen to power on the “protocols”. And Hitlerist Germany is outdoing Darkest Russia in its cruelty to the Jewish people.

Exposure of the dark ways and sinister motives of the Nazis and their professional Russian Imperial anti-Jewish aides will eventually defeat the troublemakers and peace-disturbers whose weapons are bigotry, falsehood and forgery.

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