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Jewry Must About Face!


This is the fourth of a series of six articles, which we present in the belief that the viewpoint of the younger American Jew, with his roots in this country, is of vital interest at this time. The writer, born in Chicago, near where his father still operates a farm, is thirty-six years old. He is married and has three children. He studied art, but had scarcely finished school when this country entered the World War, and he enlisted in the flying forces. After the war he went into publishing and advertising and has been successful in both. He puts out several popular magazines and is national advertising representative for nearly 100 newspapers. He spends a great deal of time in the outdoors. Amateur exploration is one of his chief hobbies. Until recently he resided in Chicago. His home is now in New York.


The contemplated organization suggested in the preceding ###ticle of this series should be built in chapters, along the line of t## American Legion, or Catholic parishes. These chapters should be formed by a charter granted to a small group of men who would elect their own leaders. These in turn would send delegates to larger districts, into which the organization would be divided, who would elect a district governing board. These districts would in turn send delegates to a national convention, which would elect a national governing board.

This governing board should be small for the purpose of clear, authoritative action and would be vested with absolute authority to speak for the Jews of this country on the propositions for which we are organized. They would meet slander of every kind with a mobile, loyal group solidly behind them. They would clarify the Jewish ethical point of view as Christian denominations do their own. They would lobby for a national law to bring the inventors of anti-Semitic canards and libels to account and cause them to prove their filthy muckraking as well as their sources of income.

Even if it were consistently pointed out to our many non-Jewish friends that Nazism is unquestionably aimed at Catholicism, that it is a prison offense in present-day Germany to be a member of the Masonic order, which is looked on as being inimical to the state, much effective work could be done.


In this manner we would acquire a real and responsible leadership which, if necessary, would be in a position to make alliances with the various Protestant and Catholic groups against the mutual enemy of pagan Fascism.

Our organization and its officers would in general be prohibited from engaging in or voicing an opinion in politics of any kind. Its members would be found to be of all shades of political opinion from the extreme left to the extreme right and they should be left absolutely free and uninfluenced in their actions under these shades of political opinion.

However, when one comes to a biased politician of the McFadden type, another situation makes its appearance. When this arch scoundrel carried the outworn anti-Semitic falsehoods of Europe to the floors of Congress, just falling short of using the bloody ritual libel in his address, he earned a dislike in which we should never relentfl He even took advantage of his Congressional rank to mail this filthy propaganda material everywhere. After some pleading on the part of our spiritless leaders he finally agreed to give over these offensive tactics, and at a later date reverted to them again.


Now he has been made keynoter of the Republican party in the State of Pennsylvania. Heeding some feeble protests on the part of Jewish organizations over this undeserved affront, Brother Fletcher, responsible leader of the Pennsylvania Republicans, calmly shrugs his shoulders and diplomatically says that as for himself he has many Jewish friends.

May I remind Jewry that this statement is identical with the personal statements of many high Nazi leaders, including the infamous Goebbels? A responsible Jewry would not take an insulting threatening situation of this kind passively. It would unite to a man to bring every influence possible to bear to send the Republican organization of the State of Pennsylvania into oblivion or political clean-up.

A great deal of talk will not put this necessary unity of ours into operation. Neither will it exist if we wait on contributions from a few rich men or a few loud-voiced leaders.

Fifty hard-headed, resolute men could hold a meeting at any time and pledge themselves to this proposition. Our unity then would be a tangible fact and Jews everywhere, who want no resurgence of ghetto ideas and limitations, will flock to its standards.


Out of this a natural leader will arise, as he always does in these emergencies. The situation itself will create him.

Simply waiting for aid, verbal or money, from our previous leaders will not avail us. That is not the spirit of fiery conviction and simple sacrifice. This must be a folk movement, a movement of the masses who are determined that they themselves will defend themselves and not wait for self-appointed leaders. The masses themselves should and will support it.

If the German Hitler could get a weekly contribution from his then poor Nazis, our American Jews can give a little every week in a cause as important as this one. They can give according to their means, according to certain stated dues, or according to a shekel system.

It means the further glory and safety of everything they and their children will ever stand for and they will not shrink from the small sacrifice.

To Be Continued Tomorrow

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