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October 8, 1934
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Samuel Reschevsky, the great chess player, has never been defeated at that game…. Maxie Baer, the new champ who sports the Mogon David in his fights, is actually considering a fight in Germany…. Two Jewish boys on the Lafayette College football team are Sidney Weiss, quarterback, and Dave Reibman of Easton, of whom the coaches are expecting a great deal…. Benny Friedman, head coach of the Beavers, worked his way through Michigan as a movie usher…. The longest world series games was played October 9, 1916, between Brooklyn and the Boston Red Sox, and went fourteen innings…. Babe Ruth was the Boston pitcher in that game, succeeding Leonard, and pitched thirteen scoreless innings…. Harold Freedman, of Springfield, Mass., won the city tennis championship there, defeating McNight, who held it for three years…. Maxie Rosenbloom, Jewish playboy of the ring, holds the light heavyweight title of the world in fifteen States only…. In California Slapsie Maxie is no longer champ, but in Nevada, just over the State line, he remains the light heavyweight king….


Art Lasky, who fought Steve Hamas Friday night in the Garden, is known as the Horatio Alger of the resined arena…. He was formerly a potato picker in Minnesota…. Madison Square Garden offered Barney Ross $30,000 with a percentage privilege to defend his lightweight title against Tony Canzoneri next month…. Three great non-Jewish boxers in the ring today are managed by Jews… Paul Domski handles Walter Neusel; Joe Jacobs manages Max Schmeling; and, Sammy Goldman puts Tony Canzoneri through his paces… Sid Luckman, boy wonder of Erasmus Hall High School football team, as one of the best high school backs in the East… Adolph Cooper, Friedman’s pet on the City eleven this year, played on the Richmond Hill High School team some years ago and had to pay to get into the field… Harold Kramer, star swimmer of the first Maccabiad and intercollegiate high scorer in 1933, is in love with a girl from El Paso, Texas… Jack Grossman, former all-American from Rutgers, is playing professional football with East Orange Tornadoes and the Brooklyn Dodgers…


In more than a dozen years in the ring Joe Tiplitz, of Williamsburgh, never has come out of his corner at the gong to meet a more formidable opponent than the one he now faces.

He is fighting a losing battle. Left hooks and right crosses are no good to him in this fight. The winner will be blindness—or Joe. And, Joe is fighting harder than he ever did in the ring to keep from going blind.

Joe’s eyes started to go bad several months ago. Injuries to his head received when he lost his balance and fell on the roadbed of the subway made his condition worse.

The only chance he has for a draw with inevitable blindness is an operation. And, although Joe’s eyes are failing him his friends have stuck with him. They staged a benefit dinner for him last week. The entire proceeds will be used to pay for an operation.

For several years Joe was a newsboy at Williamsburgh Bridge Plaza in Brooklyn. In those days right was might in the newsboy business. In order to protect his interests, Joe had to do his convincing with his fists and he got in plenty of practice.

His ability in the manly art of self defense attracted the attention of sporting men who induced him to enter the ring as a professional.

Joe’s fighting career was a success from the outset. He began his ring career as a bantamweight, but ended it as a welterweight. In the years he fought in the ring he traded punches with Richie Mitchell, Lou Tendler, Johnny and Joe Dundee. The much touted K. O. Chaney came to town and Tiplitz knocked him out with dispatch. He also kayoed Happy Mahoney and several other promising welterweights.

Today Joe Tiplitz is waging a fight with the odds greater than any battle he ever had.


Moe Spahn, the Jewish lad from Astoria who made every all-American basketball quintet chosen by the experts in 1932, has been appointed assistant basketball coach at City College.

Spahn was captain of the Lavender team in 1932-33 and was a brilliant player there for three years. He began his basketball career in Bryant High School where he was an all-scholastic guard and led his team to a city championship. He entered City as a freshman in 1929 and was the outstanding member of the jayvee team. In the middle of the season he was promoted to the varsity and immediately won a starting berth. He distinguished himself with his hard, aggressive play and became noted for his excellence at floor-work.

In 1932, Nat Holman built the entire C. C. N. Y. attack around Spahn, when he considered the best college man to work the pivot play. With Moe in the “bucket” on this spectacular play, City College ran roughshod over all opposition in the East that year, losing but one game to St. John’s.

Last year, although he was still a student at college he commuted daily to West Point to assist in coaching the Army five. He also played professional basketball with Newark and New Britain.

He succeeds Lou Spindell, another great Jewish basketball star, who captained the Beaver quintet in 1929-30 and the regular jayvee coach for the past two years.


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