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Ziff Articles Bring Praise from Readers

October 8, 1934
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Make a habit of glancing through the classified advertising columns. They may have a surprise in store for you.

Excerpts from a few of the letters William B. Ziff received in response to his series, “Jewry Must About Face!” which appeared in the Jewish Daily Bulletin from September 23 to 28, are printed below.

From Louis A. Falk, Jersey City, N. J.:

“You have struck a responding chord in my very soul. If we Jews are to get anywhere in this world, we must gain the respect of our enemies as well as of our friends.

“Next month I assume the office of commander of the Jewish War Veteran post in my city. In my inaugural address I would like to include your article as printed Sunday, September 23, 1934, in the Bulletin. I believe your reasoning is sound and I favor a militant awakening and facing our problems clearly, without that haze of social justice that our rabbinate has been weaving for us.”


From B. Epstein, New York City:

“I found that your approach to the subject is very near to the Revisionists’ philosophy. As a member of the executive committee of the Zionist-Revisionist Organization of America, I would appreciate greatly an opportunity to meet you and discuss further with you this and other vital problems that stand before our people and the Revisionists’ attitude towards them.”

From David White, executive director, United States Maccabi Association:

“I have been following your articles in the Jewish Daily Bulletin with a great deal of interest and rapidly growing enthusiasm. You are expressing therein what might be termed the philosophy of the Maccabi movement.

“I should enjoy greatly meeting you at your convenience to talk over similarities in what you write and what we are doing.”

From Arnold M. Kline, Cumberland, Md. (Addressed to the Jewish Daily Bulletin):

” ‘Jewry Must About Face!’ has interested me more than any article on Jewry that I have read in some time. Mr. Ziff certainly has the right dope to my mind. He very ably, eloquently and forcefully presents what is probably the attitude of the younger Jewish generation, and let us hope it will be the foundation of a ‘New Jewish Deal’.”

From Attorney Charles H. Roemer, Patterson, N. J.:

“According to the headnote, you are thirty-six years of age. I have almost reached the same birthday and likewise we seem to have certain things in common. Apparently both of us are intensely interested in bringing order out of chaos in American Jewry.

“It occurs to me, however, and without your realizing it, you have paid a great compliment to the largest and oldest Jewish fraternity in the world, namely, the B’nai B’rith. …

“It occurs to me that what the Jews of America ought to do is to carry out the views which you have expressed in your able articles. Instead of forming a new organization, we ought to avail ourselves of the machinery that is already available and which has proven trustworthy in every crisis in the past century. It is immaterial to me whether the organization is called the B’nai B’rith or any other name, but it appears to me that because of the lack of knowledge of the actual set-up of American Jewry and of the history of the achievements of existing organizations, many of us are prone to create additional and duplicating organizations when such are not only unnecessary, but actually result in the dissipation of our resources and energies.”

Make a habit of glancing through the classified advertising columns. They may have a surprise in store for you.

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