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?urteen Palestine Jewish Youth Groups Appeal to Dissidents to End Terrorism

April 10, 1947
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Fourteen Palestinian Jewish youth organizations ##th a membership of 80,000 men and women today banded together to issue a joint ap?al calling for an end to terrorism in the country. The groups represented in the ##ted front ranged politically from the extreme left to the far right.

The appeal called on the members of the dissident groups to rally around the ##tional youth organizations and engage in pioneer work to develop Palestine and at #e same time “salvage” the remnants of European Jewry. “Only by the united efforts ## the whole people under national discipline, can our task be achieved,” the statement declared. “Our national strength lies in internal discipline,” it continued, the essence of our work is immigration and settlement, defense, construction and the ##ation of a Jewish way of life.”Commenting on the call, a Jewish Agency spokesman said that this appeal might ##per the activities of the extremist groups, since their membership is comprised ##rgely of men and women in the same age groups as those in the organizations urging ##ity and peaceful construction.


Apparently anticipating a new imposition of martial law, the government will {SPAN}##blish{/SPAN} tomorrow in the Official Gazette regulations governing all facets of life in {SPAN}##lestine in that event. The main point of the regulations is contained in a secsion which gives every member of the armed forces in a “controlled” area the same ##wers as are given to police officers under the rank of corporal. The regulations ##so codify the status of banks, the mails and other forms of communication in an ##ea under martial law.{/SPAN}Military authorities have alerted personnel in all camps in the country for a {SPAN}##ssible emergency, the Arab press reported today. The report added that leaves for ##th policemen and soldiers have been cancelled and troops have been barred from ##rusalem and Haifa during off duty hours.{/SPAN}British troops spent the entire night searching the Mahne Yehuda quarter of {SPAN}##rusalem for a man who last night shot two British constables, killing one and wound##g the other. Apparently retaliating for the killing of a Jew and the wounding of second Monday night by British troops, the attacker struck at approximately the ##me spot where the Jews were assualted almost 24 hours later.{/SPAN}The lone assailant suddenly emerged from a narrow lane in front of the two {SPAN}##licemen, fired two shots, and escaped back up the same lane. In subsequent searching for him, troops halted and questioned many Jews in the neighborhood, beating up ##ur Jews who had come to Jerusalem for a visit during the Passover holiday.{/SPAN}Queried at a press conference today as to why the Palestine Government had {SPAN}##rred{/SPAN} distribution here of the pamphlet “The Arab War Effort” by Dean Alfange, which {SPAN}##tes{/SPAN} the aid given the Axis during the war, Richard Stubbs, the government’s press {SPAN}##ficer, said that it was felt that the pamphlet and other publications designed to ##pose the pro-Axie activities of the Mufti or other Arab leaders would tend to pro##ke inter-communal bitterness and prejudice security.{/SPAN}Replying to another question, Stubbs said that since the end of the war the {SPAN}##vernment had given Arabs 2,525 acres of public lands and Jews 1,250 acres and that ##gotiations were in progress with Jewish groups for further grants for veterans. He also disclosed that Jerusalem was under military curfew for 100 nights in the year ##ding March 31.{/SPAN}

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