AIPAC: Isolate Iran, P.A.


AIPAC’s draft action agenda for this year includes as
priorities the isolation of Iran and the Palestinian Authority.

“In particular, AIPAC will work to prevent Iran from
obtaining nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction with which it
could threaten America and the very existence of Israel,” says the draft to be
considered Sunday by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s executive
committee, which includes representation from other Jewish groups. Tactics for
isolating Iran include enforcing current sanctions and legislating more.

The action agenda also says AIPAC would urge the United
States and others in the international community “to adhere to the position
that they will not have contact with or provide funds to a Palestinian
Authority that includes Hamas unless and until Hamas recognizes Israel’s right
to exist as a Jewish state, forswears terror, and accepts prior agreements
between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Hamas needs to abrogate its
terrorist charter and disarm.”

The executive committee meets on the eve of AIPAC’s annual policy

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