Israeli ex-POWs come out against Egypt


Israeli war veterans accused Egyptian forces of murdering Israeli
troops who were taken prisoner. The statements Sunday by three former Israeli
captives to Yediot Achronot came in response to Egyptian ire at
an Israeli documentary on the Six-Day War in which Egypt suggested that some of
its soldiers were massacred after surrendering to Israel.

Ram Doron,
chairman of the ex-POW lobby Erim Balaila, said he had many accounts of
Israeli prisoners who were tortured and killed in Egyptian captivity.
“If we make a reckoning between us and the Egyptians, there will be no
comparison,” he said.

Giora Rom, a former Israeli fighter pilot who was shot
down over Egypt in 1969, accused Cairo of double standards. “What bothers me
about their criticism is that the whole time they did not publish anything
about what they did to the hostages,” he said. “They murdered many
captives. Don’t focus on those who remained alive but on those who were

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