Lebanon seeks damages


Lebanon plans to seek compensation from Israel for damages from last summer’s war. Lebanese Finance Minister Jihad Azour said
Monday that his country was preparing a lawsuit to be filed against Israel
in an unspecified international forum.

“We want to seek reparation, first of
all, for the principle that you cannot kill 1,400 individuals, most of them
civilians, displace so many people and destroy the economy without being
asked for reparations,” Azour said during a visit to Washington. He did not
specify any amount his country would be seeking.

Israel, with U.S. support, has rejected
suggestions it could be liable for the damage suffered by Lebanon, since Hezbollah, a member of the Lebanese Cabinet, began the war with a cross-border raid that left eight Israeli soldiers dead and two captive. Israel says it acted in self-defense against the Hezbollah

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