Accountability sought on Palestinian aid


Canada must “ensure full accountability and transparency” regarding the $8 million Canada intends to give the Palestinian people, a Canadian Jewish leader said.

“We support Canada engaging in the region and supporting the stability of a moderate and accountable Palestinian leadership that can serve as a credible partner for Israel,” said Moshe Ronen, chair of the Canada-Israel Committee, after Foreign Minister Peter MacKay announced the contribution. “But money alone will not address the issue. We expect that Canada will establish benchmarks for the necessary reforms the P.A. must undertake to retain the confidence of Canada.”

Ronen also commended the government “for taking all necessary precautions” to ensure that Hamas, which Canada has listed as a terrorist organization, does not gain access to any of the funds.

Canada is providing the funds via a mechanism set up last year by the diplomatic Quartet overseeing peace talks in the Middle East.


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