License plate inadvertently preaches hate


A Georgia man is trying to get his license plate banned.

Frank Gumina had been issued the plate number HA8 JWZ for his 1974 Volkswagon. He wasn’t sure why people were giving him odd looks until his mechanic sounded out the words ‘Hate Jews’ when reading the plate.

Gumina immediately called the Georgia Department of Revenue and the Atlanta office of the Anti-Defamation League.

Georgia bans such vanity tags as “KKK” and “MAFIA,” along with any plate beginning with the word “EAT.” Gumina’s tags had been generated randomly from nearly 8.5 million combinations.

Gumina has yet to turn in his tags. He is keeping the car in his driveway until the state assures him that the tag number will not be reissued.

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