Lieberman endorses McCain


Sen. Joseph Lieberman has broken party ranks to endorse Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for president.

Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew who was the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2000, made the announcement Monday in New Hampshire, saying he felt McCain had the best chance of breaking partisan gridlock in Washington.

McCain and Lieberman are friends, and in previous election cycles they have discussed the possibility of coming together to create a bipartisan presidential ticket. Both were outspoken supporters of the Iraq war and continue to defend the invasion.

Lieberman was defeated last year in Connecticut’s Democratic senatorial primary, but won in the general election as a third-party candidate. He now lists his party affiliation as Independent Democrat and caucuses with the Democrats, securing their control over the Senate. He is seen as potentially helping boost McCain’s support among independent voters in New Hampshire, where they wield a great deal of influence, due to state laws that allow them to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary.

According to Lieberman, none of the Democratic candidates asked for his support.

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