Joe to S.C. Jews: Vote McCain and keep Shabbos


South Carolina’s Republican and Democratic parties will be holding their respective primaries on back-to-back Saturdays (Jan. 19 and Jan. 26). Joe Lieberman wants the Orthodox locals to remember – they can vote absentee. And, when they do, vote McCain.

According to the Orthodox Union’s D.C. blog, Lieberman will be delivering the message in person tomorrow Wednesday:

Senator Joe Lieberman’s (I-D) endorsement tour of Senator John McCain – credited with boosting his campaign in New Hampshire – now continues into South Carolina. Lieberman sent a letter to the Jewish community urging Sabbath observers to vote absentee in the first Southern primary.

Lieberman touches down tomorrow and will campaign for and with McCain, including a stop at OU member congregation Brith Shalom Beth Israel.

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