McCain to evangelicals: Hey, we both love Israel


Why is John McCain making headway with conservative voters?

The Arizona senator thinks fighting terrorism and supporting Israel are the keys. Here’s his response to a question on the subject at a rally today at Pensacola Junior College:

“Well the major concern that we found out in NH and SC of evangelical voters is the threat of radical Islamic extremists. That’s why we were able to do almost as well as Governor Huckabee in the upstate of South Carolina. That’s a major concern of radical Islamic extremism. There are many that are concerned about the condition of our planet and feel they have an obligation to be good stewards of our planet. In other words, involvement in climate change.

“Another very influential group of evangelicals are committed to the state of Israel and obviously I have been a very strong proponent to the state of Israel. Im pleased with the broad portion of the vote that we received from all conservatives as well as other parts of the party.”

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